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Looking for new friends to play Hidden Chronicles on Facebook with ? Write ‘ADD ME’ in the comments below.

Note: Be sure to do ONE of the following, so other people can friend you on Facebook:

- Log in to our comments system using Facebook Connect then leave a message. [Recommended]

cegamers comment system

- Include a link to your Facebook page in your message

- Include the email you use on your Facebook account in your message.

Click this link to get started > http://cegamers.com/cegamers/add-me-central/hidden-chronicles-add-me-page/#disqus_thread

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1,153 Responses to “Hidden Chronicles “Add Me” Page”

  1. Jeana Swain says:

    add me please i play daily

  2. Leeyondar Master says:

    Add me please… I am a new player and user to FB.

  3. Leeyondar Master says:

    sent request

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