Facebook Ends a Bonus Collector ! End of FGS – Friendly Gaming Simplifier !

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Not Zynga or game companies that are the cause of the end of FGS but Facebook itself.

Is this a first of the numerous bonus collectors that have the ability to collect/gift auto.

Following is quoting Flies the developer of FGS.

Source: http://blog.fgs.rzadki.eu/2012/01/end-of-fgs.html

I am really sorry to announce that time of FGS project has finished. After 1,5 year of providing users with a service that was meant to improve their gaming experience, I am shocked that this project ends in such an upleasant situation as I am forced to stop it for good.

On the day of 6th January 2012 02:05 GMT+1, I have received a legal note from Perkins Coie attorney company, which is representing Facebook Inc., based in Menlo Park, California.

According to this note I must follow all of the below demands „In order to avoid further escalation of this matter”:
– Stop offering the FGS Browser Software, or any other software that interferes with Facebook’s intended limitations or impairs the proper working of Facebook,
– I must cease and not access the Facebook site(s) and/or services for any reason whatsoever.

Due to the fact that I am in no position of negotiating this terms (and can’t afford the escalation of this matter) I am going to follow these demands.

On the 6th January 2012 20:00 GMT+1, I will:
– remove FGS website,
– remove all materials connected with FGS (source codes, backups etc),
– will add a big permanent notice on top of FGS with a link to this note,
– log out from my Facebook account for the very last time.

As of this time, sending any messages to my facebook account will be pointless, since I will never ever reply to them. I was permanently presumed as an unwelcome/dangerous person to Facebook infrastructure and any of my activity on Facebook’s site, platform, or network will be regarded as unauthorized access to its protected computer network, which enforses legal actions against me, if I deny to follow those restrictions.

I would like to thank all the people that were supporting this project for such a long time, I am really devastated with this situation, while my one and only intention was to help people without asking anything in return.

If you ever need to contact me, even if to say hi, you are free to contact me via those sites:
– Google plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106132395261281944651/posts
– Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/fliesPL
– Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/flies/

Or even to drop me an email to: flieshunterpl@gmail.com

Once again I would like to thank all those people that cared for this project and were supporting it all the way, for better or worse. I had a real fun learning something new, improving my programming skills, while making true new friends in the process. Too bad it ends this way…

I hope that we will be able to keep in touch somehow or cross our paths again in the different projects someday – that I wish for both me and you.

Best regards,

cegamers note: FGS was widely used among players of various zynga games, it fetched the game as wall feeds and allowed manual as auto collecting of the rewards/bonusses. It was one of the so called better bonus collectors. Our question is now, will Facebook shut down all bonus collectors ? Also these on FB as app ? Or is this simply because it was a standalone app not inside Facebook.

What do you think of this action by Facebook ? Do you like it that they shut down a bonus collector ? Do you think they should shut down all bonus collectors ? Let us know 8

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93 Responses

  1. Mark Baken says:

    If you play 3 to 5 different games on facebook, and have to fetch items for em, its was already hard. Next to that the new news feed is crap as hell, it doesn’t show all feeds, and i dunno which feeds i had already clicked, the FGS app, really sorted all the feeds to the games for me. It saved me a lot of time, and gave me the possibility to actually play the games. Since i have wrist problems i now have a lot of time saved aswell.

  2. LovemyFGS says:

    Before you “holla” maybe you should know what you’re talking about first.  FGS is NOT a bonus grabber, this is all manual.  There is not an option to make this an auto collect like the apps that are on FB & still allowed.  Collecting a bonus that is 20 hours old is not cheating, it’s taking something that is still available.

  3. FightBackNow says:

    I think it is an incredibly shortsighted move on the part of Facebook!

  4. RE: Facebook bans browser plugin FGS, and its developer

    small developer of a game called Puzzled Hearts made a special trip to
    FB home offices in California pleading his case for the removal of FGS
    in mid December. His name is Sergey Smirnov.
    I have the largest
    Puzzled Hearts group on FB and was negotiating between Sergey and Flies
    to keep everything running smooth, especially for our handicapped
    members, when Sergey shut off any communication and would not consider
    any attempt at working with Flies regarding the use of FGS in his games
    (Puzzled Hearts, Charmed Gems and Puzzled Dogs). Everyone wants to blame Zynga, but the blame belongs to Sergey Smirnov who himself uses FGS to keep up with his own games.
    Sergey Smirnov even added patches to his games trying to block FGS just
    creating more and more bugs in his games that he refused to fix or even
    recognize. He put messages on his games that players had used all their
    allocated FB channels and were blocked from the games anywhere from 30
    minutes to 24 hours, alluding this as being a FB block. Sergey
    Smirnov has banned numerous players from his games for disagreeing with
    him, criticizing the performance, or lack there of, of his games. I
    assisted Sergey in the beginning from a players standpoint letting him
    know what we were experiencing and he addressed it. He found out about
    FGS through my group, which was never a secret, and immediately started
    his attact on FGS and Flies. I worked with Flies since the beginning
    of my group on fixes needed for Puzzled Hearts, Charmed Gems and he was
    always quick to make those fixes. This is but one battle and I will
    see the war finished and do everything in my power to save FGS even if
    it means flushing Sergey Smirnov and his games down the toilet where
    they currently belong. His game numbers are dropping daily as word
    spreads on FB about what he alone is responsible for and the many
    handicapped game players he alone has harmed by his selfish actions.
    When Sergey backs down and unbans the thousands of players he’s banned
    and FGS is back up allowing everyone to play on an even field, I will
    once again support Puzzled Hearts, Charmed Gems and Puzzled Dogs. Until
    that day, our protest continues and I ask everyone playing those games
    to block them and let their voices be heard at how outraged we are due
    to his self serving actions. Just setting the record straight and working hard on helping Flies get everything reinstated. Virginia Moody

  5. “Holla” doesnt have enough neighbors because nobody wants to be friends with someone who talks crap and doesnt know what theyre talking about. If only people like this were smart enough to realize they need to keep their mouth shut and save face, maybe even learn. Think before you speak and know what you are talking about. Just because you think something doesnt make it fact! “Holla” at ignorance!

  6. Patstoltz says:

    FGS was NOT a cheat! Learn what you’re talking about before condemning anything! It merely showed you what had been posted & then you had to manually select which you wanted…IF they were still available..the only thing “automated” that it did was to automatically return gifts to the people you accepted things from!

  7. Chelrule says:

    Facebook wants more of its subscribers gone and Zynga wants its players to develop tendonitis. Period.

  8. Linda says:

    is this why the app disappeared from my wall I can not find it anywhwere

  9. Gothicnitro says:

    i gotta say that this was with out a doubt the best collector on facebook and i sincerely hope that facebook and zynga soon realise this as they have made a grave mistake removing this app. i know alot of people will now be looking elsewhere for their enjoyment

  10. Darkangels says:

    well NOW it is time to QUIT all games I only added a heap of games to my account so that I could help out my friends who play certain games by using this which I don’t give a rats ass what anyone thinks it is NOT a damn cheat program. HOPE you moaners out there are happy now because WHO is going to sit there for many hours going through their news feed looking for older posts or even your own wall I sure as hell won’t be I don’t have the time to do that on all the games that I play and help on.
    LOL now I can just see all the games on Facebook dying good one Zuck for doing that you moron.

  11. Cathy 46 says:

    WHOOPEEEEE!!!! about time this was removed.. facebook is a social site not a money grabbing site. i want my neighbours to know me and respect me and my friends/.family. this application was taking the fun out of going into my friends and neighbours accounts and leaving funny little notes. this is a social thing to do, not run a frigging collector that takes your posts from genuine friends and family members. when a post tells you there is only 3 likes and 5 likes will end the pickup, people think they are going to be successful in getting the coin that is there. all these people who want to STEAL from their neighbours, should go to another social website. leave our facebook site to our friends and families alone. let the new year begin. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     cathy m

  12. Darkangels says:

    Well NOW it is time to QUIT all FB games I only added a heap of games to my account so that I could help out MY friends who play certain games by using this application which I don’t give a rats ass what anyone thinks it is NOT a effin cheat program. HOPE you moaners out there are happy now because WHO is going to sit there for many hours going through their news feed looking for older posts or even your own wall to help YOU out good luck in that LOL…I sure as hell won’t be I don’t have the time to do that on all the games that I play and help on which I don’t even get any FB news feed.
        LOL now I can just see all the games on Facebook dying good one Zuck for doing that you moron you suck douche bag people like me rely on these applications in helping out our fb friends.

  13. Darkangels says:

    HEY HOLLA good luck playing the game by your lonesome you moaner, it is not a cheat program stupid tard.

  14. Darkangels says:

    you’re an idiot!!!!

  15. Darkangels says:

    I agree 100% they will soon learn when no one helps them LOL

  16. Darkangels says:

    Thanks time to block those applications (puzzled hearts, charmed gems and puzzled dogs)

  17. Casperthealien says:

    And i am damn sure you have a bonus collector one way or another, I am sure you dont sit there and look thru every listing just for an award that belongs to your game. unless your selfish and dont help your friends or neighbors and just look for what you gain from it 

  18. Wish I had a chance to try it out…

  19. I hate that everyone feels they have to police the internet. 

  20. R_kriegar says:

    “The way they were meant to be played”? Seriously?

    Which time was that? When they first started, or after they started, and multiplied, all these crazy “add a thousand neighbors, and spam the hell out of them” stuff?

    Frankly, i do not now, nor did I then, wish to have MY gameplay revolve around adding so-called “friends”, and spamming people to death in order to play a game in MY (private) spare time. The entire premise is a spammers paradise, frankly, and it needs to be done away with.

    I want to build what I want to build, and plant what I WANT to plant- AS THE GME WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED, as you so adroitly claim. But then, I see YOU are just another one of those persons who wish to dictate to everyone ELSE what andhow THEY play their game, correct?

  21. Robert Kriegar says:

    Cheating indeed. I never ASKED to be forced to spam/beg everyone in the entire internet world in order to play these games in the first place. The only “CHEATING” involved here, frankly, is the forced SPAMMING!

    go back to bed.

  22. Wah wah wah with your “likes”. It’s not the collector that creates the problem, but the game that requires you to cultivate so many so-called”friends” to participate fully-and SPAM them to death.

    Just because YOU view the site as what YOU “think” it is, does NOT mean that this is the view, or the experience, that OTHERS are seeking. Come out of the dark ages, and try to realize that everyone does not necessarily share the same vision of the world, or Facebook, that YOU may have for your own jolly little self!

  23. It’s not “cheating”, and it is YOUR opinion. At least 30,000 OTHER people disagree with you, and your slant on this. Surprising, isn’t it, that you aren’t the only person in the world with a biased opinion???

  24. Maybe we should form a group who support FGS, another who support “snags”, and then ditch all these people who cry about “cheating”. CHEATING, like their little cliques full of strangers and all.

  25. cegamers says:

    the extension is still working till there will be updates at FB, the developer will not update FGS anymore to fix issues due to changes on FB or by Game Devs

  26. Robertwadejr38 says:

    LOL, I love all you lazy crybabies carrying on about some stupid program. GET A LIFE FGS WAS JUST A PROGRAM TO AID OTHER PROGRAMS AND IF YOU NEEDED IT TO PLAY THE OTHER PROGRAMS THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T BE PLAYING THOSE PROGRAMS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! I am glad he and his program are gone.

  27. Suzannet67 says:

    wow this is crazy…started using autonbonus collector on f/b as took me 2 hours just to wade thru my wall to help my friends…i was getting things done and helping others and myself now there is obviously issues here too as f/b wont allow likes and the collecting is looking at old fees…this is not cheating but playing maybe addicted to the games but if they have so many goals to complete cant do it in the time frames..anyway enough whingeing perhaps we should all get real lives and hit the parks with our family and friends f/b you may be on dangerous ground as this is just bullying now…

  28. Ted Joffs says:

    To put it simply, this was an outside of FB program that was moving FB’s end user base AWAY from FB without paying FB for advertising space.  Had this been a FB App, they would have been fine with it because it makes more user ad impressions and gives FB more money…period.


  30. Bella Aifam says:

    thank you for that information Ag-ms-2007.  All of this has become very personal to so many people I am sure.  It is so important to understand what has really happened or is happening with this. Thank you for stepping in and in lighting us on this situation.

  31. Melyndas says:

    I am so mad. I just found out i can’t collect bonuses. I thouhgt my computer was messed up. I work a full time job and only have so much time to give gifts and play. This sucks!!!

  32. It should be shut down because it cheats other players who are playing by the rules.  It was a cheater helper for those that used it.

  33. Stunt Doll says:

    This is going to cause me to quit some of my games. Oh well no money for these game companies which mean no money for you FB. Greedy sleeze balls.

  34. Galorandlog says:

    Shame on you facebook and all the people who complain so much…I play cafeland night and I go to work during the day like most of you, when I get down to play I always have to go back 24/26 hours to collect gifts intended for me, this takes a good 3 hours…then some nights I don’t play the actual game because I have no time after collecting all my gifted hearts, I use to use the game collect to collect it for me….no harm done, did not deprive anyone else, they were mine to collect. now I dont collect the the 100 out of 150 hearts no time, so I play half a game…..

  35. Judith Fäth says:

    I guess there is no need to play anymore… without the bonus collector you be too busy collecting and have no more time to play…

  36. Judith Fäth says:


  37. memyself&I says:

    I never heard of this or used it, but i will say, no matter how often you try to contact that jackass who owns farcebook, he doesn’t respond, no one questions why he is allowed 150,000 friends?? why is that, is that fair?? i created a business page there, and DID NOT WANT MY PHONE NUMBER ATTACHED TO IT so i sent in my drivers license, with blacked out info, they say to black out, all important stuff was, here it is a year later, they never helped.

    Farcebook and screwyouberg are just shitty, sorry for saying it like it is, i am using gu, as i don’t have the time to hit people’s walls and for all the whiners about that, i got rid of them too, it’s my cable bill i pay and not them paying my bills, they don’t have a right to complain to me and call me a cheater, while they, spend time everyday writing zynga on stuff that does no go wrong, just to get ahead in a game, but that’s not cheating, right? no not in their eyes. anyway, farcebook disallwed liking when you would be able to collect something, gu tried endlessly to engage them, and they never responded.

    they just simply don’t give a crap about any of you or me., i would love it if the games went to google plus, it’s the only reason i’m on fb to begin with, certainly not for anything else.

  38. darlene says:

    this is a shame, I had just started to enjoy playing games on FB,when they do something like this,it not only makes it harder to collect items but it slows down pcs
    I am likely going to leave FB because of this type of thing,why should I have to work harder then I have to ? when I am trying to enjoy myself ?. I am sure their are other sites we can all go to, lets see how FB dose without us lol

  39. Len says:

    It probably has been said over and over again; however, why is it cheating when someone has posted on your wall and you are only getting that post to add to your game enhancement. I had plenty of friends who used this system including myself. I did not feel they were cheating and neither did they think the same of me. I don’t understand why they chose to kill this particular app when others are still available for use (19 September 2012).

  40. Savannah Dupres says:

    It really sucks that that program was shut down. All it did was help to help your neighbors and save you time. I think facebook was just upset that it saved us time and we didn’t have to sit for hours looking for the millions of things all these games ask us to do.

  41. He did this as a side project. Purely for fun and the need of a community.

  42. Sarah O Taylor says:

    It looks like the same thing has happened to auto collect games bonus (I think I got that right). That program helped for FarmVille SO much because you have to have friends’ help and vice versa. But it is impossible to go to every friend and find their posts. My friends and I who use it don’t consider it a cheat at all, it isn’t fast, it’s not out there taking things from others! Especially when you have as crappy a connection and old computer like I do.

    Ridiculous. FaceBook is going to be the end of FaceBook. If Zuckerberg ever really said, “If you were going to invent FaceBook, you would have invented FaceBook” in the “Social Network” film, then his words are about to bite him in his butt. Make us all hate it. Change and block what we like. Good, we’ll all leave.

  43. Sarah O Taylor says:

    Crap, this is definitely happening again. I had a bad feeling when my shortcut was gone today. I’m sorry it happened to you all before and wonder if you have been using ACGB. It’ll be too hard for me to play FV especially now. If I had a life it would suck less but so many of us who are ill & homebound spend time at FaceBook and made friends because of the games and they – esp Zynga – treat their players so badly. Apparently FB feels the same. :(

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