Why did Facebook Attack FGS ? A logic thought!

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FGS one of the most widely used bonus collectors for various games had to shut down due to a Facebook Notice from a Law Firm.

Read the announcement by the FGS developer here.

Our thoughts why ?

Facebook is driven on advertising revenue.

Each page visit shows eg 3 small ads, Facebook sells ads on CPM base, in other words per 1000 views.

With FGS which is a browser plugin and not a facebook app, no FB advertisements where shown.

So lets assume the following:

  • Reward link -> wall feed shows 3 FB ads
  • Reward link clicked -> sidebar shows 3 FB ads

This is already 6 impressions for 1 reward link a player/user would click.

With FGS you don’t see any advertisement when it fetches the wall feed nor when clicked. 

FGS had around a 250,000 active users so lets do some math

  • 250,000 users * 1000 reward links * 3 = 750 million ad impressions that FB normally should show
  • 750,000,000 ad impressions * ($0.10/1000) cost per impression = $75,000

So each day the 250,000 FGS users that auto collect a 1000 wall feeds, this results in a loss for Facebook of aprox a $75,000 (10 cent for 1000 impressions is cheap is actually more expensive)

This is our thought why Facebook attacked FGS, we doubt that other bonus collectors that are inside Facebook as app will be hit the same and will be forced to close, mainly because those still generate ad impressions for Facebook and not taking away revenue for FB.  And also the reason why FB never will have a one click accept all , the more page views a user has to do , the better for FB.

What do you think of our thoughts why FB attacked FGS ? Do you agree that this could be the reason why ? Do you have other thoughts why ? Let us know.

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44 Responses

  1. Aemichalik says:

       still think that facebook has done us wrong and should rethink this issue and look at it this way,, we are playing the game not watching the adds.. there fore  i think it was a waste of time placing the adds in the first place,, just my thoughts on the matter.. i will miss FGS..

  2. guest says:

    Could this potentially also explain why they are forcing us to comment on every reward/gift as well??

  3. cegamers says:

    most likely, as you actually have to watch the page instead of click/open in a new tab/close

  4. Aemichalik says:

    another way to get us all click happy…click,one, two, three and four, and again click click click click money sounds for facebook and zynga,….so we are being rounden up just like cattle for the slatter…

  5. what if that was connected with zynga and their trying to remove all bonus collecting apps

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am not going to see FB’s ads anyway because I use Ad-Block for Chrome. Not only is it useful for blocking the ads, but it blocks the ticker that I don’t want to see either. I am still shocked that Facebook is able to shut down software that does not run on its platform. Maybe their stupid “Like” button on half the web sites in the world should be removed…

  7. Frankly, I am with facebook…!!!

  8. Linda Bragg says:

    FGS was a lifesaver for me.  An easy way of getting gifts and bonuses without a lot of clicking.  I will use it as long as it is available. Please Facebook, Listen to your game players and bring this back

  9. Denarr says:

    That might explain why they went after the Auto Collector that bypassed all the page loading.
    Some of those autos actually load each page they’re collecting from, so Facebook still gets their pay for ads.
    As for facebook being able to have the software shut down – facebook is private property that we and app makers have permission to visit, according to rules that facebook lays down.
    That app violated the rules that facebook had in place and were essentially trespassing on private property. Totally legal and possible to have the app shut down.

  10. Well Denarr I hope you play 100% by the rules then and dont take advantage of the game links provided here or the glitches that were posted because that would be against Zyngas rules.  Well if you lost your account because of that then we can sit there and tell you well it was totally legal, thats Zyngas rules

  11. Anon Ymous says:

    Agreed that it was monetarily motivated (which business practices aren’t?), but I don’t believe FB has any legal ground to stand on. What law did the developer break? He doesn’t need a FB account or even visit the site, thus doesn’t have to accept the ToS. Personally, I would ignore the baseless threat until it’s clear they are willing to sue (simply because of the legal cost not because I would be worried about losing). Hopefully he will consider “leaking” the source code so it can never die.

  12. Ann Taylor says:

    Same here!  And I am sure a lot of other people do to.  So FB isn’t gonna be getting any more ad visibility out of me anyway.  FB would have to seek legal action against every ad blocker corp. 

  13. Dena says:

    There is just one thing however… I use chrome and the ad blocker extension, I never see the ads. Is FB going to go after Google now as well?

  14. FightBackNow says:

    I use AdBlock also-will they be sending a cease and desist order to AdBlock for their browser extension? Just a thought, right? Or MWAP?

    I agree that you could be right-but,as it happens, it may be that a small time game developer may be at the root of the problem. More to follow.


  15. kyren says:

    i love AdBlock…if they take that away too then i will be gone to google+

  16. LovemyFGS says:

    This isn’t a Zynga action, it’s a Facebook action. All FGS is is a nicely organized feed filter, just the the links that Zynga promote in their forums, just not on a FB page.

  17. Aemichalik says:

    well i would like to know how the add blocker works on chrome so please do tell so i to can block the adds, i came into playing the games for fun and not it,s becoming a pain  in you know where. so please do tell how we can use the chrome blocker for adds, and i too will block and share with others who want to do the same.. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    There’s a flaw in your logic. FGS is NOT a Facebook application. FGS is a browser extension.

  19. That may be the case. But I also think it is because it helped people finish the goals so less people are buying facebook credits, and farm cash, or cafe cash. I think it was a more than just facebook but also the gaming companies.

  20. Carol says:

    Yes that sounds like it could be why. All about money! They make enough of the game players when they charge them to buy special items..They just may lose a few of their facebook users over this one.

  21. I use AdBlock, so I never see any ads.  I hope they don’t prevent AdBlock on facebook…I would probably close my account if they did.

  22. Mark Baken says:

    We’ll thats not completely true, since i for example, never get thos adds, since all my software blocks every single one of em. So, no change here, and not more or less money earend by this

  23. i never pay attention to the ads anyways no matter if i am playing games or reading posts.. FB has taken it too far with banning someone who used their talents.. isnt fb after all supposed to be a free social site?  well that seems to be a freedom that was blocked from someone with many talents.  shame on you facebook.  you will never see a dime from me again for any game. I hope all the players of the games that used facebook credits no longer use them…. lets really show facebook how they made money. 

  24. Familypeople says:

    agreed but………….most people put out some money on their games…with the time we spend because things are broken or not working or servers down……did it really hurt for us to have fgs….thing is had fb been smart they would of offered him a job lol but nooo  instead they attack at them…..i could see charging a small amount per month to use fgs if they wanted to use it but to threaten was out of line. what facebook doesn’t remember is many who play the games are disabled and the fgs made life alot easier for them. i think the real issue is any bonus grabber fb has doesn’t work as well as fgs did and they are embarrassed by that fact….just my opinion 

  25. well seeing as how  there is also an extension that hides the side bar and my anti virus  blocks the ads on the side are they going to go after them too?  The ads are annoying and I have them all blocked anyway  so with or without  FGS  I do not see them

  26. Xaviergouveia says:

    Without FGS my facebook games ended!  SHAME ON FACEBOOK!  That´s all about money!! They want us to spend real money. I can´t afford it! and I don´t have so many time to spend clicking!!!!! Please, think about and bring FGS to us again. Live isn´t only money!

  27. Janeenekirsch says:

    We used to be able to buy some special animals in Zoo World by paying cash to Rock You, until FB required Rock You to only accept FB credits as payment.  We cannot get those animals without paying FB.  I assume they share some of the money with the game developer, but don’t know for sure.  I’ll still get FB credits through 4 Loot, so don’t have to completely go without those animals.

  28. Harald Gschiel says:

    Seems to be logical, there must be commercial reasons. But anyway it is a shame how Facbook treats the FGS creator. I worked for long for an american company and experienced that ethics are very important goods there. But Facebooks behavior has nothing to do with ethics at all.
    I also hope that all the 250k FGS users will sign the FGS petition and will comment on the CNN ireport.
    We, the players, are the customers, and with such a behaviour they are in danger to loose some of us, which could cause much more financial impact.
    I am still positive that the whole things gets a lot of attention and makes Facebook change its mind on how to treat humans which are customers!

  29. I never did think it was fair for some people to have these aids.  The gifts and bonuses are gone before most people even have a chance to click on them.  What’s fair about that??

  30. SEACHANCE says:

    There was never any question that it was all about greed. After all, FB was created from the Greed of its ‘creator’ who stole the idea in the first place.  Greed raised its ugly head again when FB began making game players pay for FB credits Everyone could see the writing on the wall.   And no, there is no legal ground for FB to stand on in threatening Flies. Just another case of the Big Bad Corporate Machine taking a bite out of someone who can’t fight back. Despite the legalese rhetoric meant to scare Flies, FGS was doing absolutely no harm to FB. It caused NO problems…unlike FB, itself…for players. FB has a black eye over this to go with its black heart.

  31. Lemmings says:

    i use adblocking extensions on all browsers i access facebook with. so using fgs does not affect the number of ads i see.

  32. TJShaodwWolfe says:

    It’s recently come to light that FGS was actually attacked by FB due to the Game Developer of Puzzled Hearts and 2 others on the Game Company 2BSocial. Had he not said anything or simply requested that Flies remove his games, FB would never have stepped in. Notice how Gamer’s Unite is not being attacked?? And don’t start me on how “Zynga had a hand in it.” Flies had an agreement with them & Zynga was fine with it as well. Said Game developer of Puzzled Hearts has been notorious for blocking gamers that complained too much & has also refused to fix his game glitches in the past. $75,000/day is a drop in the bucket for FB and oh! Btw, we still have to deal with the ads when we’re on FB or actually playing the games if we don’t use AdBlock. So logic dictates that wouldn’t be an issue for FB. Just sayin :).

  33. TJShadowWolfe says:

    Arleen, the posts don’t Auto pick up like say… Gamer’s Unite does. The add on simply pulls all the posts together on one page. You still have to click the posts. There’s about a 30sec delay from the time it is posted on FB & when it hit FGS, then there’s another delay after you click the post and you don’t always get it. Gamer’s Unite is the only one I’ve EVER seen that grabs a post before it even gets on the FB wall. This add on is Perfectly fair and helps folks with disabilities and those of us that have work, school, kids, disabled family members that we care for or (in my case) all of thee above! Research the app and the group of people using it before you dog it.

  34. Remagrand says:

    I so totally agree that is why they went after FGS. money hungry.. and a crying shame to…

  35. Sandy McFerren says:

    I am glad to hear this.. Is there anything I can do to help.. I have just started playing puzzled hearts, but since reading this I will quit.. What part of this can I share with my friends who play this game and use fgs? so they will understand, why!

  36. Enyobee says:

    I see your thinking, but I disagree with the final conclusions.  I, for one, actually played the games more because of FGS — before FGS I might pop in for a day or two every month or so, but once I started using FGS I became a daily player on several games.  There is definitely a tradeoff; it is highly unlikely I would have clicked a thousand times for a game as well as keep on clicking once I got into the game to actually play it.  It got pathetically boring trying to pick up enough items to keep moving forward, until FGS simplified that part of the process.  As a result, I actually ended up viewing a heck of a lot more ads because of FGS.  I for one will do a lot less clicking now that FGS is gone :(

  37. Kgb says:

    It is hard for me to believe that it was about the ads. Because of FGS, you could play more games, when u play, u see more ads. Now that FGS has had to close, I cannot keep up, so I will not longer be able to play the games, and will no longer see any ads. So just how much money to they lose now? I was only on facebook to play the games, not to look at the ads, but when I played I did look, and I did click. Now, I will see next to nothing. He was attacked because of the game developer for puzzled hearts. Instead of working it out, the developer when to FB. There are plenty of other bonus grabbers that do, do grabbing wrongly, this one did not. I will miss FGS. I am handicapped and without the sortation of the game feeds, it will be impossible for me to continue to play.

  38. PainInTheCheaters@ss says:

    Cheating losers….

  39. CyberSpout says:

    Yeah, I have a thought on it. I hate that is is happening…but, by U.S. LAW, all corp. MUST seek their own profit above and beyond all other concerns. Even before the needs, desires, even safety of its community. The Corp. Entity (defined as a “PERSON”) holds more value than the health and well being of the citizens….So yeah…There is an agenda, and its not in the users favor.

  40. V&T_AZ says:

    This kind of MEAN SPIRITED Condemnation of Gifts, from the Give and Get home page, is exactly why the Pioneer Trail game is failing. Too many players are able to Condemn gifts to a small group and it is not open FOR ALL when this happens. You have FAILED to understand the concept of NEEDING other players to be successful and have localized it to a SMALL group of small minded people, that wish to TAKE EVERYTHING, worth having, for themselves, without the benefit of fair play for all. Go play a “KING OF THE HILL GAME” If that is what you want. But this is supposed to be COOPERATIVE. Not Self Serving! OMG get over yourselves, and let others play too! Victoria & Todd; Both avid Gamers.

  41. V&T_AZ says:


  42. bit.ly/atclctr says:

    There are some alternatives to FGS

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