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Toy Studio has officially sent out Golden Ticket invitations to play the closed beta of their new social game, Candy Dream, on Facebook.

Candy Dream is a game that allows players to live out sugary dreams without adding so much as a single calorie. Candy Dream is a world where the impossible is possible. Chocolate grows in the form of trees and pools of caramel are waiting to be tapped just below the ground. Once all the ingredients are combined together, players will then take their confections to virtual towns where they sell their finished recipes for a tidy profit within the fluctuating candy economy based on player actions.

Following the conclusion of the closed beta session, Toy Studio will continue to add more users to Candy Dream until a full, public launch announcement is made.

“One of the exciting elements, that is entirely shaped by the players, is the dynamic candy economy,” said Christian Arca, Studio Director for Toy Studio. “Making candy might be easy with a bit of magic, but only the savviest entrepreneurs will be able to climb the ranks and be one of the top candy makers.”

Game Info

Explosive Ingredients
Tired of the old boring crops and plants? Then you’ve never seen a lemon drops, peanut butter cups, fireballs and fruit bites like this! Experience a game unlike any other where every interaction has new twists and turns right down to the crops!

Magical Candy Machines
Create hundreds of recipes by using your chocolate, sour, hard, and gummy machines. Armed with a super secret ingredient you’ll bring happiness to the world.

Dress it Up!
With 1,000’s of options to choose from you can customize your character from the size of your nose to the color of your hair. Not to mention the hundreds of clothing combinations you can put together. Chose your look to mach your personality as you play Candy Dream!

Master the Candy Economy!
With a real-time economy from the beach to the city and even a touch of Vegas flair you can become the master of candy. Corner the market as you make your way to the top of the leaderboards by making the most coin!

Big Help!
Always wanted to have a helping hand? Maybe someone that knows how to make chocolate better then anyone on the planet? These Maguffins should do the trick. Reach level 10+ and these guys will be helping you at every corner. Don’t underestimate their size and the mischief that unfolds.

Golden Ticket – Get Early Access

Follow these instructions how to get early access to the closed beta of Candy Dream

About Toy Studio

Founded in 2009, Toy Studio is an independent developer for Facebook and Mobile games based in Chicago, Illinois. Toy Studio’s vision is to connect people through games that encourage meaningful social interactions, the key ingredient to fun. Core to Toy Studio are three values: Quality, Innovation and Community.


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2 Responses

  1. Looks really cute. Can’t wait to play it! Wish I knew how to get a golden ticket…lol.

  2. cegamers says:

    Join the candy dream facebook page Lexi, they give out now and then golden tickets

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