Criminal Case – Looking For Extra Energy ? Game Feed Link!

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Do you run out fast at Criminal Case of energy ?

Trouble finding friends posts ?

Did you know you can get daily 3x Orange Juice (20 Energy) and 1x Potato Chips (50 Energy) from friends ?

Find those rewards with the Direct Feed Link of Criminal Case —>

And look for following reward images:


Criminal Case Game Feed Screenshot

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146 Responses

  1. hemant says:

    add me criminal case played by daily 3 times with full energy

  2. add me …daily player

  3. shaggy says:


  4. gunshekhar says:


  5. gunshekhar says:

    Add Me! Criminal Case friends wanted!

  6. procrix says:

    Add Me Up Get Daily Full Meal From My Wall :)

  7. Add me :) I play Criminal Case every day.

  8. Add me on for criminal case, i want more buddies

  9. u can add me
    i m in jail

  10. prasad says:

    add me

  11. how to extend energy limit? i have now 110 energy limit how to extend it?

  12. Kabeer says:

    want to hack n cheat criminal case,.. add me..:P

  13. Alina Ilies says:

    Add me!!

  14. Andrew Naam says:


  15. Sasika Roledene says:

    Add me too
    Criminal Case friends wanted!

  16. Gavur Çapulcu Aya? Emrah says:

    add me for Criminal case pls

  17. Shannyn Marie says:

    Add Me Daily player

  18. Eric Durbin says:

    add me please I need more, I play daily

  19. garnette may says:

    add me also pls thanks God bless

  20. garnette says:

    pls add me too

  21. Ajay Dhas says:

    Add me to play criminal case…

  22. Ajay Dhas says:

    Plz add me..need friends to play criminal case…

  23. Shirley Veenstra says:

    add me case friends wanted!!

  24. fahad says:

    ADD me

  25. nishant says:

    add me

  26. Alex Tramp says:

    add me

  27. Michael Choinski says:


  28. Ab says:

    i am daily player of criminal case…..

  29. Patti Gould says:

    I can’t get criminal case to come up what going on

  30. Donna Barrett says:

    Add me to Criminal Case!

  31. Daviñ Haydeñ says:

    add me plz

  32. rizky says:

    add me! Criminal Case friend wanted.. !

  33. Randall Thompson says:

    Hi, my name is Randall Thompson and I’m looking for any one who loves to play Criminal Case, I play every day.

  34. Maria Ayala says:

    I will ADD you…

  35. Maria Ayala says:

    You can Add me if you like because I can’t find you by your email address… Thank You

  36. Eric Hughes says:

    I Need people that play all the time and don’t talk nonsence

  37. Eric Hughes says:

    did you want to come abord?

  38. Darleen says:

    Add me too please!!!

  39. Ashley Roberts says:

    Add me(:

  40. Bill Khan says:

    add me my name in fb bill khan

  41. Bill Khan says:

    what is your email?

  42. jessica says:

    Add me its no fun to play when you haft to wait so long for energy for stars i play every day @ msjessica

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