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End Of Game Bonus Collectors

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Lots of Social Game players at Facebook are wondering where their favorite bonus collectors went to , they have vanished from Facebook. We looked into it and found that FB is closing them all down one by one. Here is a Facebook MSG to one of the Bonus Collector owners: Applications that exist solely to […]

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Why did Facebook Attack FGS ? A logic thought!

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FGS one of the most widely used bonus collectors for various games had to shut down due to a Facebook Notice from a Law Firm. Read the announcement by the FGS developer here. Our thoughts why ? Facebook is driven on advertising revenue. Each page visit shows eg 3 small ads, Facebook sells ads on […]

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Facebook Ends a Bonus Collector ! End of FGS – Friendly Gaming Simplifier !

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Not Zynga or game companies that are the cause of the end of FGS but Facebook itself. Is this a first of the numerous bonus collectors that have the ability to collect/gift auto. Following is quoting Flies the developer of FGS. Source:¬† I am really sorry to announce that time of FGS project has finished. […]

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