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KingsAge – Classic Castle view – Approved User Script

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Do you miss the Classic View? Do you wish that you could have it back but can’t find any way to do it? Well, here is the answer! With the update 1.3 the classic view was removed, in an attempt to undo this and to bring back the classic view Grafi created this userscript. It […]

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KingsAge Scripts emulating premium features

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1. KingsAge Farmer 2. KingsAge Toolbox 3. KingsAge mark on map 4. KingsAge forum enhancement 5. KingsAge Quick Menu 6. KingsAge Mason (autobuild) 7. KingsAge Distance Calculator 162 total views, 2 views today What do you think of this ?Awesome (0) Interesting (0) Useful (0) Boring (0) Sucks (0)

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10 most used Grepolis Scripts

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1. Grepolis – Costs of units lost 2.Grepolis Extended (for Chrome) 3. Grepolis Big Map 4. Grepolis Tools 5. Grepolis Resource Calculator 6. Grepolis HD 7. Grepolis Batlle report converter 8. Grepolis Farm info on map 9. Grepolis Farmer 10. Grepolis Beyond 231 total views, no […]

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Lord of Ultima – Perfect City Layout with Chrome or Firefox

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This is a mini guide how to help you build your perfect city using some third party tools. 1. Install these if you don’t have them and restart your game using Firefox or Google Chrome: LOU Tweak: Greasemonkey: (not needed for chrome)…asemonkey/ BoS Tools: 2. Go in game and find the “L” […]

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Lord of Ultima Tweak for Greasemonkey

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LoU Tweak is the latest and greatest Greatmonkey script for lord of ultima. Link Do not that not all 3rd party scripts are approved by Game Publishers/Developers. Here is a list of some of its features: Upgrade / Downgrade buildings with keyboard (u, d – once; Shift+u, Shift+d – max, d – works for natural […]

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