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FarmVille 2 ‘Summer Planting’ Items Guide

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A new series of “Summer Planting” items has been added to the FarmVille 2 marketplace. The game now contains a new set of animals, crops, trees, and more that are available to purchase for a limited time, and we’re here with a complete guide to let you know what to expect from them! Crops Red […]

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FarmVille 2 ‘Hay is for Horses’ Recipe Guide

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Along with the new “Hay is for Horses” items that have been launched in the FarmVille 2 marketplace, a series of new recipes are also available for crafting in the game’s workshops. These recipes will help you earn coins and XP for each one you craft, but you may have to shell out quite a […]

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FarmVille 2 Wild West Items / Recipe Guide

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This week’s new FarmVille 2 item theme takes us to the Wild West, as new crops, trees, animals and more have been released in the marketplace. There are also new recipes that go along with some of these items, and we’re here with a complete guide to the whole theme to help you out. Let’s […]

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Guide To The User Interface & Tools

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Here is a quick look at the game UI and what everything does. This guide will be updated as more features are added to the interface. Basic Game Functions The main elements of the game interface that you will interact with are: Marketplace - This is where you can find all items that can currently be […]

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