All Games – How to find your Facebook UID or profile link ?

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At times, Zynga Support might ask you to provide your Facebook profile link or your Facebook User Identification number.

This article will explain how to find that information.

First, you will need to log into Facebook. Then click on your profile link:

Profile Link

If you do NOT have a vanity URL (a Facebook link with a name in it), your UID will be in the bar at the top of your browser:

Profile UID

If you have a vanity URL, you can copy the entire link from your address bar. We can find your UID from that page.

FB Profile

Or, you can substitute the word “graph” for the “www” in your profile link:

FB Graph URL

This will bring up a page that will show you your UID:

FB Graph UID

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17 Responses

  1. Agnes Hain says:

    ^Thank you for the above article as i was trying to get in touch with zynga chat. got them on the line ok but then did not know how to find uid panicked and closed down page was very embarrassed.

  2. Angel_olivier says:

    thank you

  3. very helpful, thank you

  4. Ken Asbury says:

    This is good to know !

  5. eve lison says:

    I n have not the possibility of avançer in the mission the bonus of the station does not give steel ingot and in 6 moisje shall still be on this mission in this allureet road signje n arrive not has to obtain them can regler you this probleme thank you

  6. Brigitte Delafaye says:

    je n’ai également pas la possibilité d’avançer dans la mission  de la prime de la gare et que le bonus  ne me donne pas les steel ingot ; à cette allure là  dans 6 mois je suis encore avec cette mission : pareil pour lese les road sign. Pouvez vous m’aider, je vous en remercie…..

  7. Martine181262 says:

    Sold 22 pomegrates and we counted(recorded) me only the only one for the mission 3 train that to make?

  8. hello
    big problems I miss twenty five irons and I’m sure not having mishandled they willcome back or not??

  9. Ldalling says:

    I cannot finish the Grannie gets to work quest. I am supposed to add 10 animals to the animal hospital and I have over thirty there but the quest keeps telling me that I only have 8.

  10. Eve lison says:

    j ai un gros bug pour terminer une mission de pionner trail je n arrive pas a obtenir les verres emplis de glacons

  11. Eve lison says:

    J I n have a big bug to end a mission of pionner trail arrive not has to obtain glasses filled with glacons

  12. Eileen says:

    I can’t get logged on to Pioneer Trail right now, why??

  13. maria says:

    antes me dejaba entrar en el chat a la primera ahorfa no hay manera ¿porque no deja?

  14. Jkidd says:

    I got a message that zynga not longer had my email address to message me alerts.  I’ve been playing your games for over 2 years and don’t know what happened.  Not my friends in Pioneer Trail can’t send me gifts.  What happened and how to I give you my email address.  It’s hasn’t changed. 

  15. cheryl says:

    I have crated 10 ground spinners and none has showed up

  16. Boros Iren says:

    Hi Zinga! One problem, please help. 3 weeks lost Ben hibernation buldings. Help? Thank

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