Are These The Next Zynga Games On The Chopping Block ?

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Earlier today Zynga made an announcement of which games will not be made available on their own platform at

Quoting Zynga:

We can caution you to not expect the following titles to become playable on in 2013:

  • Café World
  • Empires & Allies
  • Mafia Wars
  • The Pioneer Trail (formerly FrontierVille)
  • YoVille

It’s interesting to say that the above 5 games are also the worse performing ones at the moment in the Zynga FB Games portfolio.

Below a snapshot of the recent Daily Active Players by AppData of the above 5 Games.

What do you think ? Is this the reason why they will not publish these games on ? Do you also think that this is a silent hint of Zynga that the above games might be discontinued during 2013? Let us know.

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9 Responses

  1. zword says:

    I think so. it’s surprising zynga have stayed in business this long with the way they manage their games. many players have quit paying/playing because of this company’s greed and unwillingness to listen. I noticed they have been cutting back on missions lately, but I’m convinced it has to do with $$$. the funny thing is I would actually put money into the game if I didn’t feel so pressured to do so…and if their prices were more realistic. $20 a month for VIP is ridiculous! would it hurt or help them to make it $10 and NO LEVEL CAP. I would pay then and I bet a lot more people would too. but will they listen? don’t count on it. they won’t be around much longer.

  2. cegamers says:

    other Zynga games have a much cheaper VIP subscription than PT …. no clue why PT has to be so expensive compared to other Z games.

  3. natalia says:

    PLEASE LET PIONNER TRAIL BEEN AVAILLABLE?this is really a grate game, but lately the excessive and difficulties of missions make a lot of peoples quit please let it live again with more free time and less post to be collect on each mission

  4. ginatraversmace says:

    i dont even want to think about it, would be very sad

  5. mike says:

    well i will tell you one thing a lot of people have already sunk a lot of money into these games….if they discontinue any of these games afte people been sinking money into them to get there stats up and to try to be strong like in Mafia,,then i hope we all get together and open a class action law suit against them for scamming our money out of us….

  6. Jean Allen says:

    When they put out so many missions to do in their games people quit playing the first one I stopped playing was Farmville, the castleville never could get cityville to work and then I loved cafe world but it just got to much I even quit pioneer trail for a while and came back to a mess only had a couple of missions to do and when I came back there was around 30. They add to much and want money for it. There are advertisers that pay for such a thing.

  7. Jack says:

    mafia wars may not have many DAU, but the amount of money those few remaining players spend is enormous. If the games were listed in order of how much the players spend on the game, mafia wars would be listed quite high. People spend mad crazy stupid money on freaking mafia wars. Its insane.

  8. Sparky The Firefly says:

    I will be very happy when zygna goes out of business for good!

  9. gwen says:

    the good games is the ones you guys discontinue I been playing Mafia war for 3 years and I love it

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