CoasterVille Kite Shop Quests Guide

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Kite Shop

Now that the weather has improved in many parts of the world, CoasterVille has received a matching piece of “outdoor fun” equipment: the Kite Shop. This Shop can be placed for free via a pop-up window like that one above, and you’ll need to spend a few energy to build its base. From there, you’ll be able to finish a series of quests to finish the Kite Shop, and we’re here with a guide to help you do just that!

Where There’s a Wind, There’s a Way

  • Stock 6 Kite Spools
  • Give 1,200 Goods for Kites
  • Search Shops 8 Times

The Kite Spools are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, while the Goods must be spent from your inventory to complete this quest. When you do, you’ll receive 100 coins, three Swan Feathers, and one Green Flower patch.

Your Own Set of Wings

  • Use 8 Rolls of Kite Fabric
  • Collect 4 Woodworking Kits
  • Visit 4 Friends

The Rolls of Kite Fabric are earned by sending out individual requests to your friends for help. Meanwhile, the Woodworking Kits are made inside the Prop Shop using 50 Goods. Each one takes two minutes to create. When you finish this second quest, you’ll receive a Plastic Seagull, 100 Goods, and a Grand Pink Flowerbed decoration.

Quest 3

  • Fly 3 Octopus Kites
  • Give 12 Popcorn
  • Have a Mascot Perform

The Popcorn is earned by searching the Popcorn Stall, and you’ll need to manually offer it over in this quest window to complete the task. You’ll receive three Satchels, one Pink Flower, and 100 Thrill Points for completing this quest.

Winds in the East, Mist Coming In

  • Have 4 Wind Socks
  • Boost 10 Attractions
  • Craft 1 Magic Chalice

The Wind Socks are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests. You’ll be able to craft the Magic Chalice inside the Prop Shop using two Gemstones, one Inspiration Light Bulb, and two Goblets. The Goblets and Gemstones are earned by boosting the Dragon’s Treasure ride and the Forest Faire, respectively. Finishing this quest gives you three Baseball Caps, a Tall Mesquite decoration, and 100 Goods.

A Dance with Dragons

  • Fly 2 Dragon Kites
  • Present 12 Goblets
  • Cook a Cream Pie

The Dragon Kites need to be crafting and then flown manually by hitting the button inside this quest window to give them over. The same can be said for the Goblets, which are (again) collected from the Dragon’s Treasure fantasy ride in your park. Finally, the Cream Pie can be made inside the Central Kitchen using two regular Pies, one Baking Supplies item, and four Hospitality.

When you complete the final quest in this series, you’ll receive 100 coins, four Carousel Horses, and a Wicker Bench for your park. These quests don’t have a time limit as of this writing, but we wish you luck completing them all the same.

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