Horseshoe Press Requirements *Pre-Release*

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The Horseshoe Press – All You need to know – Pre-Release Info

While you are busy taming your horse through the Training Stall, Zynga gives you another chance to earn an exclusive FarmVille 2 horse. Soon FarmVille 2 will be releasing another building, The Horseshoe Press. This is the same building that you are required to use twice in the first mission of Week 2 on the Horse Month quest line. With any luck, they will open Week 2 and release the Horseshoe press very soon.

horseshoe press 1

Marie is trying to complete a special horseshoe collection on her ranch and she needs help. Build the FarmVille 2 Horseshoe Press and use it to turn old horseshoes into special horseshoes. Collect them all and Marie will trade you with an exclusive Baby Blue Roan Horse. Complete more Horseshoe sets to keep earning this Exclusive horse!

horseshoe press 2

Building Requirements:

build horseshoe press

You will need to:

  • Collect 10 Brass Armbars (Wall Post)
  • Collect 10 Granite Bricks (Ask Friends)
  • Collect 10 Cast Iron Pots (Ask Friends)

The Horseshoe Collection ‘How To':

Players will need 5 horseshoes to craft one special horseshoe. The Special horseshoe is random and will be any of the following Special Horseshoes…

horseshoe trio

To complete the collection you will need:

6 Copper Horseshoes, 4 Aluminum Horseshoes and 2 Titanium Horseshoes.

Once the collection is completed you will earn an exclusive Baby Blue Roan Horse!

horseshoe press collection

Just an added tip: 

The more adult horses you have the more horseshoes you can recycle AND the higher your chances for making rare metal horseshoes! Recycle Horseshoes into special Horseshoes!


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