How to harvest well & Furnace more than once

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Donnie’s Tips & Hints :

  • Howdy Farmers in this Tip you will learn how to harvest your well & Furnace several times to complete missions. Usually crops roll out on Monday and missions roll out on Tuesday are Wednesday.  So save your Furnace and one well for mission day. And make sure you have 30 powers & waters ( which is fv2 limit )  before you use this trick to make it work correctly.
  • So to make this trick work you need to first click on your kitchen and use up one power crafting one item, this will leave you with 29 powers. Next click on furnace it will only give you one power, then go back to your kitchen and craft one more item then you can click on furnace for one more power. Notice in picture that it only gives you one power and you still have 9 powers left in furnace.


        furnace harest more than once

  • You can use same trick on wells water  1 crop then click on well it will give you 1 water, then water one more crop then click on well and it will give you 1 more water you can keep doing this up to 10 times on well & furnace to help complete your mission task. Notice in picture it only gives you 1 water and you still have 9 left.

         wells harvest more than once for missions

  • Also we try to post pre released missions text guides several days before missions come out so you will be ready. So make sure to keep checking back so you will no what you will need for mission day.Most missions require you to also click one are more of your  Goat, Sheep, Chicken, hen house, yoghourt Creamery, Pig wallows ect… So by checking back you will also know which ones to not click on before mission day. And I know how frustrating it can be to forget and click on these and have to wait 24 hours before they are ready again.

Remember to keep checking back for mission guides and the latest tips & hints and FV2 news at  CEGAMERS AT FARMVILLE 2

Are if you prefer a group instead of a fan page TIPS & SHARES FOR FV2 FARMERS


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