How To Spot A Cheater At FarmVille 2!

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With the County Fair release it’s very easy to spot now the players that use the Cheat Engine to alter game data.

They actually also hurt your own gameplay with this ‘selfish‘ behavior.

So how to spot them ?

If you look at the screenshot below you will see that there is one player with a insane amount of County Fair points.

And it’s one of the easiest tricks to do with the Cheat Engine at FarmVille 2, but what is the point of it besides some fake fame and hurting neighbors.


Now lets do some math how many crop rewards.

  • 150 crop rewards x 15 = 2250 county fair points
  • 74163 points divided by 15 should be 4944 crop rewards

The cheaters can change the county fair points but not how many crop rewards they have earned for that crop.

What can you do about it ?

Just delete/remove that person as a Facebook friend and by doing so you still have a chance at a blue ribbon.

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2 Responses

  1. Valerie Rose says:

    I have removed some of the cheaters but they continue to get back onto my game, what I have discovered is that if I do not respond to their requests for goods or gifts they send me it seems to prevent them from gaining my points however they do seem to change their names and profile pics…so unfortunately as I play the game now I do not send gifts (Only to those that I know are not cheaters for sure, but sometimes I am fooled but soon find out by the outrageous way they advance in points…tried to remove them but I can’t, can’t even find them on z friend list to remove them from there and I definitely do not accept anymore neighbour requests because of this :( so sad to think of what these people are like in person, they ruin a perfectly wonderful game by doing this

  2. otus says:

    On my country fair list there are bunch of people who have ridicilous amount of points but they don’t have any crop rewards at all besides their “best crop” at all. So they all are cheaters? How to delete them off from the list I wonder.

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