Secret Level up Plan I have been using for month’s now Revealed !!

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Donnie’s FV2 Tips & Hints

I know you have watched your neighbors level up faster then you and wonder to your self how is this possible I think they must be cheating  am I right ?

Sure I am because I have wondered the same thing.

Well I am going to let you in on one of my Secret Tips  for leveling up faster.

Dons prize animal pen better shot

First  thing you need to do is  get your Farm ready by placing 5 Prized  animals in a spot

Towards  the front of  you farm like I have shown in the Example picture.

Boer goat pen for level up group are banner

I like to use prize animals that pay 150 xps when click on like the Boer Goat but there are other animals you can use that give some nice xps as well.

Next you need to get together with some of your other neighbors and share the Secret tip with them so you can work together as a team’s to make this Plan work.

Next after you have enough neighbors that want to work my plan with you to level up faster as a team you are ready to get started and this plan is so simple but has work over & over. You visit them they visit you each day and click on the 5 prize animals I told you to place separate at front of your farm that is all

Simple right ?

Here is the math on this level up plan:

1 neighbor visit >> 5 x 150 = 750XP for each neighbor you have  to join you.

Now I have level up teams ( 40 members ) that work together as a group’s

so the math  would be :

5 x 150 = 750 x 40 = you ready for this = 30,000 extra XP per day !!!

Awesome right now you know why others level up faster, everyone does not cheat they just have a plan that works well with Team  Effort !!

Thank you & Happy Farming !!!!

~ Donnie ~

I hope this was helpful to you & be sure to visit for more tips & Shares @  CEGamers at FarmVille 2 or if you prefer a group instead of a fanpage Tips & Shares group for fv2 farmers


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