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A neglected game element at FrontierVille is the usage of coins to level up.

We received often messages from players asking how a player can level up 5 times in a 5 minutes timeframe.

The answer is simple, decorations. So don’t call a friend a cheater because you didn’t know how you could level up fast.

Are you a fast level up player and get often called a  ’cheater’  , share this post so your friends will finally understand how to.

Decorations a neglected game element:

Of course you need coins to be able to level up using decorations. But most players keep hoarding millions of coins, and there is no reason to have millions.

We will give you some methods here from lazy till not lazy leveling up using coins.

Best bang for your buck is still the Flowery can, but this will require a lot of mouse clicks.

Silver Carriage Level Up method:

The Silver Carriage decoration.

Cost at market: 475,000 Coins

Experience: 5000 XP

Sell Value: 100,000 Coins

1 XP = 75 Coins

Smoker level Up method:

The Smoker decoration

Cost at market: 38,000 Coins

Experience: 400 XP

Sell Value: 8,000 Coins

1 XP = 75 Coins

Flowery Can level Up method:

The Flowery Can decoration

Cost at market: 9,500 Coins

Experience: 95 XP

Sell Value: 5,000 Coins

1 XP = 47.3 Coins

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  • Tanja Hoffmann-Blaha

    Buy puppies at the pet shop and resell… gives 1000 XP 

  • Pamela Varble

    Also, the wedding wagon contains items for xp–xp– to level up!

  • donna

    also ,while buying ,make sure you`ve got double xp on xx

  • Djbracknell

    I have used the flower pots forever!

  • Djbracknell

    I have used the flower pots forever!

  • Pammiethelammie

    I use the windmill…800xp…but these are better value I thi8nk….

  • Pammiethelammie

    how can you do this at PT????

  • Pammiethelammie

    if yer on the wedding cake rush do you get double xp when you buy?

  • Pammiethelammie

    if yer on the wedding cake rush do you get double xp when you buy?

  • Carole109

    also checkout buying the windmill :)

  • Pagriffin

    you have to know the tricks of the trade!!!

  • msvivian

    how do you resell ??

  • Annicroels

    heb het gedaan ,5 silver cars gekocht en 3 verkocht niks gekregen ,ook de rest niet

  • Brian White

    i have bought and sold a few silver carraiges

  • Jackiewca

    How obvious! I can’t believe I never put 2 and 2 together! lol thanks for the tips!!!!

  • Wildkitty7971

    i think the windmill is the best value

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