Pioneer Trail – Cub Your Enthusiasm

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Cub Your Enthusiasm

Bess is back with the panther cubs! Goodness me, those are some soaked and scared little cats. Their Mama’s here for ‘em, but she’s tense as a tax collector! Get those kittens purrin’ again!

  • Collect ten Animal Thermometers
  • Craft Five Animal Care Kits
  • Care for Baby Panthers eight times

Hint: Ask your friends for Thermometers. Access crafting from the mission interface, or the Injured Panther.

Reward: 1025 XP, 1200 Coins, 1 Flood Puddle

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  • Jordan McNeil

    finally I get my pet panther I always wanted… too bad its not real :)

  • Jen Soals

    big mission for an animal?

  • Pagal

    for this much work we deserve better rewards like horse shoes

  • Antoinette

    Where do we get 8 baby panthers? It only gave me 2

  • Jojojousa

    wow… a long time to get these two fed..

  • Jlouns

    you don’t need 8 just feed each 1 four times

  • Lburba

    I can’t get enough rations to anything.

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