Pioneer Trail – Grand Frontier Station

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Pioneer Trail Logo

Grand Frontier Station

All that’s left is to get the station raised and runnin’!

Then, once the track is laid you and yer friends can ride right out to the Gold Rush and strike it rich!

  • Harvest 50 Peanuts
  • Sell 100 Adult Goats
  • Complete Phase Five of The Train Station

Hint: Click on the Railroad Sign to the left of the Homestead to view your Train Station progress and collect Daily Bonuses.

Reward: 1125 XP, Rail Supply Crate, Train Conclucktor

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3 Responses to “Pioneer Trail – Grand Frontier Station”

  1. wish I had some peanut ready

  2. i planted peanuts today hope fully i’ll be on that part of the mission with in the next 4 days

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