Pioneer Trail – Item Request Links !

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Click the image to request the item from your friends.

Share this post with your friends so they can also request the items from you, so you get even faster the items.

The links below work only if you have the Pioneer Trail installed.

You can request the same items through FrontierVille , so you can request the same item twice ! Click here for the FTV links.

Pioneer Trail Request Links

Pioneer Trail Gift Links

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  • Annette

    Need 50 Rations

  • Annette

    Need 50 rations

  • Snoowbird

    would love to have 50 rations…….

  • wil muis

    thanks for this but i cant sent to friends in the schreen i get sent to friends there are now friends to send to ????

  • Jane Wolsey

    Blasted Internet:  Please fix.

  • Georgebingham

    Anyone else having trouble requesting Pioneer Friends for Fish Hooks? Everytime I select Pioneer friends the screen goes blank!

  • Kittyallen

    I have lost my school, has anyone else got this problem????

  • George Bingham

    Check your Storeage. I have mistakenly stored buildings in the past.

  • Mfureehali

     any body help me out here i am suffering for the gifts which i accept from the apps and games its not in my inventory or some which i send my friiends from there wall it is also  disappear i dint receive it i don’t know whats wrong there plzz guide me

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