Pioneer Trail – Lone Wolf Timed Mission

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Lone Wolf

  • To be completed: Within 3 days (extending costs 10 HS)
  • Release date: July 21, 2013 (Note that Zynga can change this release date at anytime)

Links and more missions info here.

I was scoutin’ new pine trees where I could find mushrooms when I came across these injured animals! Can you help me nurse ‘em back to health?


  • Chop Large Pine Trees 24 times
  • Heal three Injured Otters (Each requires 10 Otter Milk)
  • Craft eight Warm Comforters


  • 1 Warm comforter = 3 Oversized Pillow + 4 Extra Stuffing (Wall post)


  • Oversized Pillows drops from marshmallow crops (85% drop rate)
  • You can find Otter Milk from the Farm Aid Crates


Rewards: Fully Grown Willow, Lumber Tree Serum, Mushroom Crop Unlock




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