Pioneer Trail – Maple Tree Info

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Maple Tree

The Maple Tree has been released with the Saving Thanksgiving missions serie and is a premium (HS) Tree.

You get also 3 for free from completing the first 5 Saving Thanksgiving missions.

Level Requirement: 20


Your source for maple syrup and sugar!


  • 9h Grow Time per stage so 36h till ripe
  • Fully Grown 10 XP, 4 Food and 500 Coins for harvesting
  • 8% Chance of a Maple Collection Item Drop
  • Market Price: 8HS
  • Free from the Maple Collection. (Tend Huge Leaf Piles for maple Tree Collection item drops)

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  2. linda wassell says:

    you should be able to collect more then 50 gifts it’s so stupid you can’t get anything use to like game but it really sucks big time

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