Pioneer Trail – Stockin’ The Storm Shelter !

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Stockin’ The Storm Shelter !

Night’s fallin’, it’s so cold yer eyeballs are icin’ up, and a fearsome snowstorm could roll in any minute. Get that shelter ready before yer Trail Crew turns into ice sculptures!

  • Have 16 Medicine in your wagon. It will be used up to complete this mission.
  • Hunt 15 Gnarly-Horned Mountain Goats.
  • Finish the Storm Shelter, and collect the daily bonus. (Use our Gift Requester to request the items if you don’t have the mission yet)

Hint: Do actions with your Doctor to collect Medicine. Do actions with your Hunter to find Gnarly-Horned Mountain Goats.


  • 220 Trail Points
  • 100 Experience
  • 25 Prize Tickets

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