Pioneer Trail – What can we get from the Big Presents !

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The Big Presents Mission Rewards

You can get following items when opening the Big Presents:

  • Happy Snowman
  • Mistletoe (2011 decoration)
  • Flashing Tree (2011 decoration, costed 52HS and was the griswald tree)
  • Holly Shrub
  • Stocking Tree
  • Lamppost
  • Water Tower
  • Tetherball
  • Kwanzaa Kinara (2011 decoration)
  • Menorah (2011 decoration)
  • Red Nutcracker (2011 decoration)
  • Stocking Tree
  • Sack o’ Gifts (2011 decoration)
  • Festive Penguin (2011 animal)
  • Decorated Fence
  • Buck’s Snowman
  • Snowy Swingset


Several of our fans reported to get cocoa cows from them.

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  • Dragana Djordjevi?

    would like to get cocoa cow,just will take us a lot of time to get cocoa milk,should do something about that

  • Maria Pardue

    Wow.. other than the cocoa cow.. there’s nothing in there I want. And I only want the cocoa cow to help with the missions..

  • laura ivanyisky

    I got the cocoa cow in a big present too.

  • Betty Harness


  • Melissa Fronczak

    i didnt get any cocoa cows from it but, i got  fir tree :D Just helping!

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