Is Adventure World Also Sunset ?

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Though no official announcement of Adventure World being closed but following msg from the Zynga Boston team that developed Adventure World prior the closure of the Boston office might have hinted it a month ago.

Hello all,

We’ve noticed some chatter recently about the future of Indiana Jones™ Adventure World™ and wanted to provide everyone an update.

Like all Zynga Studios, Zynga Boston is committed to bringing our players the games they love to play. While supporting our existing games, we’re always working towards creating new games to share with you.

Adventure World is a unique Zynga game experience, with full maps and adventures for players to progress through. However, since Adventure World requires extensive map creation and engineering, we’ve had to scale back on the development resources available to it so we can continue to focus on bringing you new social games. As a result, we recently made the decision to suspend the creation of new content for Adventure World.

Our Customer Service and Community teams will continue to support our loyal players for as long as they are playing Adventure World. As always, we will continue to resolve your issues and gather your feedback.

We hope that you continue to enjoy Adventure World and thank you for playing.

If you would like to post your feedback, please do so on this thread

The Zynga Boston team

Some food for thought:

Last week announcement of Lucasfilm’s acquisition by Disney. While much was made of the Star Wars franchise going to Duckau (including an Episode 7 that supposedly is due in 2015), many overlooked the fact that Lucasfilm owned the Indiana Jones tentpole as well.

Does this mean that Playdom – also owned by Disney and the makers of FB games Gardens of Time and Avengers Alliance – will have dibs on the future of any Indy games on social platforms? Could this merger, which must have been in the works for months, have anything to do with Zynga’s decision to suspend Adventure World?

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