Words With Friends Is Words With Enemies At The Simpson

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Last night episode of the Simpsons (season 24 episode 6)

Lisa tries to cheer up a down-in-the-dumps Homer by winning him a “MyPad” (iPad) at the school auction. But he falls back into a funk when he breaks the magical tablet device…

Of course as every episode of the Simpsons there are subtle hints to the real world and we discovered some that might point to the direction of Zynga.

Games  – Unavailable

Well we already know that most Zynga FB games don’t work on the iPad or is this a hint to the constant bugs the Z Games have?

Words With Friends

Looks like the Simpsons have their own version of WFW called Words With Enemies

Did you see this episode ? And was you also instantly thinking on Zynga ? Let us know.

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