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8 Responses

  1. Dunno if I like this or not, I like to pick and choose my neighbors, I like low, medium and high level.  Why should Zynga choose who my neighbors should be.  Granted I can say no, but that is another damn thing I have to put up with when I log into the game

  2. Emily says:

    Jeremy, from reading the screenshot, it sounds like you can turn off the “receive neighbors” feature so no one can add you – and still use your normal pick and chose method instead. “Hey, wanna add this guy – his done this, this and this.”

  3. Sky Hawk says:

    i wanna remove all my neighbors..after that i can add a new neighbor to my empires..please help me zynga..

  4. I think it’s great! Makes things much easier.

  5. PLease add me for zynga bingo and texas holdem and i play bejeweld blitz and other games   I dont know how to find my facebook id    but  iam  Brad Martin from Stockdale, Pa and my pic is a white shirt with about 10 beer glasses on the table in my pic. lol  i need friends for games!!! and i play often  thenx!!!

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