How to Play Zynga Bingo

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Zynga Bingo Room FAQ

Q: How many tickets does it take to start a game?
A: It requires 15 tickets to start a game.

Q: How are the number of Bingos per room determined?
A: The number of Bingos are determined by the total number of Bingo Cards being played at the start of the game in that room.

Q: What are Power-Ups and what do they do?
A: You can buy Power-Ups to accelerate your game. Each Power-Up is different: some Power-Ups supply you with mystery crates and Keys while others will give you a free daub! Free daubs mean more XP and a better chance to win!

Power-Ups appear at random during your game and are made available based on the number of squares you daub. Note the circle around the Power-Up fills as you daub squares. Once this Power-Up meter is full, click Ready. Repeat this process for each Power-Up.

Q: What is a Friend Boost? How does it work?
A: Friend Boosts are used to help accelerate your way to a Bingo! When you activate a Friend Boost the boost daubs multiple squares on the Bingo card(s) you have open for that active round. You can use a Friend Boost once every 24 hours to daub up to 5 numbers. This boost requires friends to accept your boost requests to activate.

Q: How do I know how many Bingos are left?
A: A small banner above the Bingo balls indicates how many Bingos remain. The total number of Bingos is based on how many players started a new game in that room.

Q: How can I see all of the Bingo Balls called?
A: While in the room click the graph with a plus icon. This opens the number history, which expands to show all the numbers that have been called as well as the numbers that are being called.

Q: Do I get XP from using Friend Boosts or Power-Ups?
A: Yes, these are free daubs. So win or lose you will get the XP for every square that is daubed.

Q: How do I know how much XP I can get per daub and the total amount I’ve earned per game?
A: The information card below a game room displays Top Prize, XP Per Daub and Total Cost Per Card for that room but you can only view this information for the rooms that are available to you. After a game has ended a pop up shows you the XP you’ve received, total winnings, bonus coins, bonus tickets, mystery crates and crate keys.

Q: How can I get more tickets?
A: You can get tickets by having friends in your Bingo Club, collecting gifted tickets through your profile, finding tickets in mystery crates, purchasing tickets in the store or waiting for your timer to replenish your tickets!

Q: What do I get for completing a collection?
A: There are different awards per each collection. Some give you 1 ticket for getting the full collection where other collections get you 6 tickets and open a new room. Complete the collection to find out!

Q: How can I mute someone in chat?
A: Simply select that player’s name and click Mute!

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6 Responses

  1. Matt Guay says:

    wow seems like they are just cranking out ‘new’ games like crazy at Zynga

  2. ty. another game I will probably get hooked on….

  3. Chris C. says:

    How do you get the hook in the “pirate” collection?  I have everything else but it seems the hook isn’t available.

  4. artmads says:

    what are the winning bingo lines?

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