Is It End Game For Zynga’s Empires & Allies?

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The last update at Empires & Allies dates from 18 December 2012, and from our personal observation the past years….  Updates halt when they stop development for the game.

Similar happened to:

  • The Ville
  • Adventure World (sunset)
  • Treasure Isle (sunset)
  • PetVille (sunset)

Looking at the appdata stats, the daily active users dropped to 350,000

Snapshot appdata 14 January 2012

Snapshot appdata 14 January 2012

The players start to question also the faith of Empires & Allies on the Zynga forums.

  • No new updates
  • No bugfixes
  • Often downtime
  • No Official News anymore from the Community Manager

The Facebook App Page seems also to be dead as no new posts have been made by Zynga.

And finally checking on the game twitter page shows the same result.

No new tweets since 18 December 2012

E&A Twitter Screenshot

E&A Twitter Screenshot

What do you think ? Did Zynga drop development of Empires & Allies ? Is the game silently sunset ? Let us know.

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