FrontierVille – Best Bonus Checker even if you have no friends

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This is the best bonus checker for Frontierville, even if you don’t have friends you are able to find or get the items you need.

It could be you need to reload this page if the white space doesn’t load the bonus checker within 10-15 seconds.



Due to the fact that the script writer asks users to click adsense advertising we removed this iframe. Forcing members to click advertising is against Google’s Adsense Terms of Service.

Also the begging for donations is a reason for us to remove this site in this post.

You can still visit the site directly at

Do note that the bonus checker does not hold a domain name but merely a IP.

Use it at your own risk




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14 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    Just wondering why sometimes it takes me to a handbag site with no “Skip Ad” button :( Other than that, this is great!

  2. mdshare says:

    No clue, from time to time I have also some with no skip ad button, but hey I don’t complain, it’s one of the best tools I’ve encountered so far…. even with the annoying ad visit part

  3. Nicole says:

    Yeah, I just open mine in a new tab. Wasn’t complaining, just wondered if maybe there IS a button hiding somewhere LOL

  4. m says:

    getting error message now on this page when I click to get gift it reads N/A 3 under the follow the instructions title.

  5. mdshare says:

    N/A is not available , a refesh or waiting a few minutes could show again

    It’s taking feeds from 1000s of players , sometimes it happens a gift or item isn’t available hence the N/A

  6. m says:

    it’s not showing on several of the gifts. Not a refresh or large player problem but now broken code where the gift link should be.

  7. mdshare says:

    weird, just tried myself and got a green lightning and a grannys punch

  8. John says:

    no skip on most of the ads

  9. mdshare says:

    sorry, this is a third party tool we put in a iframe on this site, we have no control on this bonus checker …

    it does happen from my end that I have also ads without a skip, but that’s like 1 or 2 out of 10

  10. Sandra says:

    Thank you

  11. adam says:

    this one is much better than that –
    you can do 4 items at once, minimum ads, fast item update, and does not ask to click on ads lol

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