FrontierVille – Game Introduction

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Frontierville is a game that you can play on Facebook where you can quest and gain levels. This game appeals to a lot of players, there are quests and levels to complete, but unlike other games, You don’t have to spend all day killing.

FrontierVille starts by asking you to create an avatar which you can totally customize according to your personality. In fact the avatar customization can take several hours given the amount of options that you are able to play with.

You are not entirely unguided in this game as your friendly NPC neighbor Jack will provide much needed tips and tricks to make your life easier.

So basically that covers everything that you need to know upon starting the game.

  • The first tip is to basically Add Neigbors just like any other game in facebook. Having more neighbors bring lots of rewards and it helps you progress a lot quicker than going solo. The game is even kind enough to give you an option to invite your Farmville friends. You also get more money when you have friends that have high reputation every time you hire them.

  • The second FrontierVille tip is paying attention to side quest and simple tasks. Not only they give you EXP but other important resources as well. Most of these tasks can be easily overlooked and it can really help you progress.

  • The third tip for FrontierVille is quite simple and is basically common sense, You should always take time to visit your neighbors on a daily basis. It earns you cash and as well unlock several bonuses.

FrontierVille is a free to play facebook game developed by Zynga

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