FrontierVille – How fast do oak and pine trees grow

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Frontierville oak and pine trees

  • How fast does a oak or pine tree grow at frontierville ?
  • How many chops needed ?
  • What chance do I have to get a bear attack ?
  • What is the reward ?

The table below will give you all these answers.

Also have in mind that each chop has a chance of giving you an unwelcomed guest, the bear. The last chop of the extra large tree will always give you a bear to scare away.

Note that it would be best if you didn’t cut down all the trees on your plot of land – if you do, new oaks or pines will NOT appear any longer..

Wood Production

  • Wood is easy to find when you start to play FrontierVille. Trees grow wild and you just cut them down when you need wood.
  • Visiting neighbors also lets you cut wood without using energy. As you evolve, wild trees become scarcer and you might want to grow your own wood production.
  • Making sure you always have neighbors in the early stage of developing their homestead should mean that free wood is always available from that avenue. So having some low levels or inactive friends at FrontierVille isn’t a bad choice.
  • Trees will also grow on their own in the game. Remember to make sure any saplings grow in the right place for your homestead. You can relocate them to the desired place at your homestead.
  • If you chop a tree at the sapling stage it leaves no stump. Older trees leave stumps that need to be cleared, costing one energy.

FrontierVille is a free to play facebook game developed by Zynga

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    I have a problem when opening a pioneer trail game, when you open it everything is green and nothing can work. What is the problem if anyone knows

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    I read and enjoy your articles. I share them and participate in your contest but I’ve been watching the rewards points bar and my points haven’t gone up in almost a week it’s said I have 4,000 points. I have read liked and shared many of your articles recently.

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