FrontierVille – Unreleased Events ! Forest Fire – EarthQuake – Chicken Massacre

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<worldEvent name=”chicken_massacre”>
<effect name=”destroyObjects” itemName=”chicken” percentage=”10″ min=”0″ max=”50″/>
<worldEvent name=”earthquake”>
<effect name=”earthquake” strength=”10″ speed=”25″ shifts=”30″/>
<worldEvent name=”forest_fire”>
<effect name=”burnObjects” itemType=”FrontierLumberTree”/>

So what can we make of this ?

Chicken Massacre

Function:  DestroyObjects

This world event destroys chickens, with a percentage of 10% what a player has with a max of 50 minimum 0

This function is most likely used for the coyote ingame.

Forest Fire

Function: burnObjects

Less info here, the effect is burning objects and the item type is FrontierLumberTree, so that’s Oak and Pine Trees.

We assume that players pine and oak trees might catch fire, doubtfull that Zynga will use the rosetta code to have other trees catch fire that are close.


Function: earthquake

This is even more guessing, as it looks now it looks like it will shift the game screen for the player, making it shake like a earthquake would do.

There is no info if it will destroy objects (decorations) or buildings (repair ? )

What do you think of world events at FrontierVille, it looks like it’s already semi implemented into the game but not active yet.

Tornado pic is fan art by Jojo


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10 Responses

  1. Tone_ervik says:

    i think they should fiks all the problems before they relese some new things.!!!

  2. Gillian James says:

    Oh my Lordy we need a fire department and a hospital first! Haa Haa LOL

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