Pioneer Trail – Breeding Results Uncommon + Rare Frogs

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Frog Breeding

Links and more missions info, tips & hints here.

The Rare Frogs (Fanciful and Trekking Frogs)


And as second the Uncommon Frogs (Priceless and Unusual Frogs)


Breeding these type of frogs with eachother will have the following ‘random’ outcome. It doesn’t matter which ones you combine as the outcome is totally random.

Chance of getting a Special Exotic Frog

  • 30% Chance to get a Purple Exotic Frog
  • 20% Chance to get a Glowing Exotic Frog
  • 10% Chance to get a Fat Exotic Frog

Possible Breeding  Reward Results:

  • 2x Fanciful Frog
  • 2x Trekkin Frog
  • Purple Exotic Frog + Trekking Frog
  • Purple Exotic Frog + Priceless Frog
  • Glowing Exotic + Trekking Frog
  • Glowing Exotic + Priceless Frog
  • Fat Exotic + Trekking Frog

And a random third reward that could be:

  • White Water Lillies
  • Fully Grown Grizzly Oak Trees
  • Yellow Frog
  • How To Jack Lumber Boost
  • Chocolate Rush Boost

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