Pioneer Trail – Claim Your 20 Free Horseshoes from Microsoft Today !

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20 Free Horseshoes to Pin Facebook at Internet Explorers Task Bar

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Note: Offer Valid only in the USA (fineprint hidden under the moving images, bottom left of that MicroSoft page)

Update: It seems the USA only is not valid for this offer, or it’s another Zynga glitch that all countries are allowed.

How to ?

  • Download and install Internet Explorer 9 if you don’t use it yet.
  • Log in to Facebook and open your game (with IE9). You’ll get an in-game offer. Click to accept it.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. (All you have to do is step 1 – pin the icon to your taskbar).
  • 4. Close and open IE9. Log in to Facebook, open your game and you’re 20 horseshoes richer!

Where to go for the Promotional Offer

This domain/website is owned by Microsoft, so doubtful this offer is a scam.

Instructions how to pin Video Guide 

Did you get your 20 Free Horseshoes ? Let us know at our Fan Page.

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18 Responses

  1. thank you for the heads up …

  2. Pepper502 says:

    Got ’em, thanks to you!

  3. Smiley12face16 says:

    it wont let me download it on my pc  :((

  4. jan says:

    i did it all and i didn’t get mine whats up

  5. guest says:

    it´s only work on USA not fair

  6. Lilbit301 says:

    I did it but did not get any horseshoes, is this a scam?

  7. All05star05 says:

    i have tried numerous times but to no avail.  

  8. Laura Ann Merkley says:

    gave me internet explorer 8 not 9

  9. I got the 20 Free Horse Shoes – it took about a day to posts

  10. I got mine just fine…only took a couple refreshes

  11. downloaded ie  got no horseshoes   ie is rubbish keeps crashing   back to firefox  we can live without the horseshoes

  12. Cradz says:

    i got mine and i live in republic of ireland :) and the horseshoes were there when i logged into facebook happy days for me

  13. also downloaded and got no horseshoes so i deleted 9 and went back to 7 due to crashing issues with explorer 9

  14. another informative article

  15. Colleen Obolensky says:

    Can’t get IE9 cause I have Vista…..bummer!!!!!!  Would be nice if they advertise it, for it to be available to all!!!!!!!!

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