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After the honeymoon, Fanny decides its finally time to let Hank in on a secret of hers that’s she kept from him. Help her get up the courage to fill him in!

Requirements:  Level 18+

Potions will make you appear like a vampire or a werewolf or a hybrid of the two for 4 hours each!

Whenever you receive the popup below, click “I’ll Help” to get started on building your Halloween Hutch (if you aren’t quite ready, select “Later” and purchase it at another time from the market.)

Place the Halloween Hutch to get started on building it.

You will need the following items to finish it:

Finished result:

Clicking “What’s This” will prompt the following screen:

Along with the Halloween Hut, you will have 4 new missions to complete (two of which will be repeatable.) The first, non-repeatable mission will appear with the construction of the Halloween Hut:

Fanny Has A Secret

  • Harvest 20 Pumpkins
  • Clear 5 Skulls
  • Collect 10 Confession Letters

Reward: 100XP, 500 Coins, 1 Bloodberry Juice

Completing the mission above will spawn the following meter. You will have two repeatable missions that go along with the meter (complete them up to 3 times each to receive new items!)

1st repeatable mission:

Chronicle Of A Vampire

  • Craft 2 Vampire Potions
  • Drink A Vampire Potion
  • Tend 5 Tomatoes On Neighbors’ Homestead

Reward: 200XP, 1 Wolfnut Butter, 1 Family Secret Mystery Box

You will be able to craft potions (for the mission above) by clicking “Craft Potions” in your completed Halloween Hut. Please note page two of the crafting workbench will not open until you have completed the two repeatable missions three times & start on the 2nd non-repeatable mission (further down in the guide.)

Below are hints on how to obtain the items for potions:

2nd repeatable mission:

Hanks’ Hankerin’ To Howl

  • Craft 2 Werewolf Potions
  • Drink A Werewolf Potion
  • Tend 10 Pumpkins On Neighbor’s Homesteads

Rewards: 1 Bloodberry Juice, 1 Family Secret Mystery Box, 300XP

Vampire potion lasts 4 hours, so if you are trying to mix & use the werewolf potion you will get notified.

The werewolf potion will last 4 hours and will give you a new hairy look.

In order to obtain the bat that follows you, you’ll need to complete the two repeatable missions twice more each.

You will receive the following popups as you hit milestones along the way while repeating the missions.

Fanny’s pet bat:

2nd non-repeatable mission (will follow “Fanny Has A Secret”):

Vampires Love Werewolves

  • Clear 10 Grass With Your Bat Following
  • Collect 10 Hank Loves Fanny Cards
  • Craft A Hybrid Potion With Your Bat Following

Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins, 1 Hybrid Potion

Page two of the crafting workbench inside the Halloween Hut (to construct hybrid potions):

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5 Responses

  1. do you now where we can find the trees?

  2. mdshare says:

    From the Family Mystery Crate you get as reward and from trading in collections

  3. what are the effects/powers of the potions? (other than physical characteristics)

  4. Karenandangeloteran says:

    shared and liked

  5. Vampire potion makes you get energy with each thing you do like harvest trees, harvest animals.  you never run out.  Wish I could figure out hanks potion effects

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