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The Haunted Homestead starts with a series of missions, you must be level 15 +.

On the right side of the game you will see a icon, which will open the missions screen.

Each day a new mission will unlock, if you can’t wait for the next one you can do a Early Unlock”. Of course this will horseshoes but.

Completing the first 6 missions you will receive a Black Cat.

Completing 12 missions the Headless Horseman will popup, who you have to defeat.

As reward you will get a Phantasm Horse.

Once done the missions can be restarted, but you will not get a black cat or phantasm horse when repeating them.

Repeating the missions is required to get the rewards of the following 3 missions. (you can click the links below , will give for each mission a full description)

The 3 Main Missions

The first 6 repeatable Missions

The  last 6 repeatable Missions

Item Links
Click the image to request the item from your friends.

You can request these items from friends also through our Gift Requester.

Lost Stallion

Bakers Temptation

Mutant Mystery

Repeatable Halloween Mission Item Links

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  1. Vlw58 says:

    what are ATM school houses – they do not show up in my market place?

  2. Jennifersylve20 says:

    for the haunted homestead missions 10 how do you make the thing in the saloon like your supposed to make them 

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