Pioneer Trail – How do I travel between Homestead and Pioneer Trail ?

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When you are on homestead:

If you see a Travel button in the bottom left of your screen,you can click that to travel to the last place on the trail you were.

*So if you were last in Beaver Valley, clicking “Travel” will pull up the map and you will simply need to click “Continue”. You will notice your wagon travel down the map and you will then be taken to that part of the map.

When you are on the trail:

If you’re on the trail and you’d like to visit your homestead, all you need to do is click the “return to homestead” button (like you would when visiting neighbors) and you’ll be taken back to the homestead immediately.

A few tips we’d like to offer is, when you travel between your homestead and the Trail, please give the game a moment to load all items before you begin playing. Doing so will allow smoother game play.

We hope this information was helpful and hope to see you out on the trail!

*please note that when you first hit the trail, you will need to complete the tutorial before being able to go back to homestead.

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