Pioneer Trail – Magic of Winter Collection Change ! Can not be wished or gifted !

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Magic of Winter Collection change !

One of the most difficult collections to get got a lil revamp !

Zynga decided that the collection items can NOT  be gifted or be put in the wish list.

As you can see , the gift as wish icon has been removed from this collection !

So the only way to get a full collection now is to buy all Magic of Winter LE Items with Horseshoes !

$315 will it cost to buy all items to be able to complete this collection !

Lets hope Zynga will reverse this action.

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13 Responses

  1. Kleyn5350 says:

    they are becoming more and more greedy.  What’s the big deal of not making these gift items???

  2. Viola Thomas says:

    I don’t feel as if this is fair as some of us cannot afford to buy the horseshoes so we won’t be able to do the collection….Why can’t you have them for sale with the coins we have?

  3. Greed is a serious thing..I’m not paying $315 just to have horseshoes to get these items..I enjoy the game..and don’t need these you already make it difficult enough to do missions with items that cost HS’s game? When?..What Day!

  4. Bwillard9 says:


  5. Francesca says:

    I am hating the way,you have gone all corporate and can only buy things with Horseshoes ,,,,,,,, I cannot afford them and neither can most players. It is bad enough with all the price charges for things in the market. Because of this, I have 35 empty frontiers  as people are quitting. The number of players is diminishing and I will quit again for good if things do not change.

  6. Dolphincliffs says:

    It’ll cost 315 horseshoes not $315.00

  7. Poodleluvr58 says:

    This game is starting to suck big time!

  8. Sthomas79 says:

    Scrooge! Scrooge!

  9. Straitrichard88 says:

    I am so sick of it. The only thing that this game as turn into is money. It is no longer fun. Friends have a hard time help each other out. The only thing is that we have work hard to get were we are at but Zynga took the fun away. I will not gave in on this and do not care about what they do. They have made it so unfair for us poor people to play it. Zynga so xmas you made this. Your are not santa you are the other peopson. And this is not going to be done by xmas. So bull with it all.

  10. Rebelgurl4ever says:

    You can get the items from tending neighbors items to five you the collection pieces except the cloud…I dont know how you would get the cloud for the collection as those are not tendable:(

  11. 'Jr Thomas says:

    I dont feel as if this is fair

  12. ohgalinflorida says:

    I agree with Viola, I do not have the luxury of being able to purchase horseshoes, but I do have millions of coins. It would be nice to be able to purchase things with coins. What is the point of having so much coinage and nothing much to buy with them.

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