Pioneer Trail – Make The Most of Your Neighbor Visits! Use Loyal Pioneer AND Raging Buffalo! 25 Tends Game Tip !

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Make The Most of Your Neighbor Visits!  Use Loyal Pioneer AND Raging Buffalo! 25 Tends Game Tip !

  • Need more neighbor visits to get that mission complete?
  • Have a neighbor that needs more help than you can give?
  • Stop by the Saloon to solve your problems and help out your neighbors!

By using a Raging Buffalo Concoction and then a Loyal Pioneer Concoction You can visit your neighbor for a total of 25 actions

If you need to get more neighbor visits for a mission and can only find one or two neighbors with what you need, this can help.


First visit your neighbor as you normally would and perform your 5 actions

Then go back to your homestead and use a Raging Buffalo drink

And you can visit them again and perform 10 more actions !

Go back to your homestead again and use a Loyal Pioneer drink. When you do you will get a pop up warning…..

Click ACCEPT for the Loyal Pioneer to take affect

Then return to your neighbor’s homestead to perform another 10 actions!

The concoctions can be used in any order.

If you just want to help as many neighbors as possible, then visit as many as possible before using another concoction.

If the effects of one wears off, the next concoction will allow you to visit the same neighbors again!

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18 Responses

  1. Aevans56 says:

    where do I go to find  :suggestions”  for Zynga?

  2. Ann marie burbridge says:

    thank you didn’t really understand how the drink thing worked, now to figure out the others.

  3. Angelmee says:

    i cannot find new people to join Frontierville and do not want to pay the high price of horseshoes, is there any other way i can get the raging bull?

  4. Sassy 01 says:

    wow….great idea thanks for sharing… guys rock!!!

  5. Hi see you post on here, add me as a friend if you wish but also I do have a link for cheats if you don’t mind using them. just message me ok 😉

  6. Trisha says:

    wow, kind of a misuse of time and wasting a very very valuable drink.  First off, yes, visit and get the 5 helps in of those neighbors who have what you need.  Second use the Loyal Pioneer.  Go FIRST to the people you need to harvest from for the things you need then continue to use the 2 hrs worth to visit a lot of neighbors.  Harvest their bunnies or try to figure out what THEY need.  Later if you have time use another Loyal Pioneer and do it again.  Yes, you CAN!  I do it all the time and making a Loyal Pioneer is relatively easy by using CEGamer links to the drinks.

  7. Nice tip! I really enjoy all the info you offer on cegamers… thank you

  8. Izzy64 says:

    goodmorning :)

  9. I thought you can only visit once a day?

  10. Cinthya says:

    add me :)

  11. Dale Adams says:

    Please anyone needing more neighbors and friends to play in Pioneer Trails. Please add me.

  12. Dale Adams says:

    I think there should not be any limits of things that we do at our neighbors homestead. It would be great to do 100 things or more for them. That is what you call helping our neighbors. Come on everyone tell them this too. They need to hear from all of us who do play game. Also stop making us to so much on each mission and doing repeats. My friends wants me to help them on somethings that you have to ask someone to help. But they will not help me when I need help tho. I am not interested in playing other games tho. I have a lot to do in Pioneer Trails already to get done.

  13. Add me too my friend Lu louisignau will grab u too ,just let her know you r a PT gammer

  14. Barbara Adams says:

    you can visit and do things for them as long as you use your boosters over and over again. but each time you use the booster you can go back again.

  15. guttmannovalada says:

    Add me level 171

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