Pioneer Trail – New Animals with the Club 3F Release !

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The Badgers !

  • Badger: Costs 5 Horse Shoes
  • Gold Badger: Costs 5 Horse Shoes
  • Honey Badger: Costs 5 Horse Shoes

The Chickens !

  • Rhode Island Red: Costs 150 Coins
  • Speckled Sussex: Costs 250 Coins
  • Rooster: Costs 425 Coins

The Pigs !

  • Giant Hog: Costs 1300 Coins
  • Spotted Pig: Costs 750 Coins
  • Boar: Costs 2000 Coins

The Sheep !

  • Mouflon Sheep: Costs 550 Coins
  • Golden Sheep: Costs 1000 Coins
  • Ram: Costs 1600 Coins

The Cows !

  • Belted Cow: Costs 1600 Coins
  • Holstein Cow: Costs 2800 Coins
  • Big Buff Bull: Costs 4200 Coins

The Moose !

  • Moose: Costs 4200 5 Horse Shoes or Free as Gift
  • Black Moose: Costs 50 Horse Shoes
  • Red Moose: Costs 20 Horse Shoes

Other !

  • Elk: Costs 75 Horse Shoes
  • Red Panda: Costs 100 Horse Shoes

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5 Responses

  1. Jetnjammy2002 says:

    why do they have to cost horseshoes

  2. cegamers says:

    yea ….. I would love to have a red panda but 100 HS no way

  3. Keri Jones says:

    I’d love to have them all but will only grab the ones that don’t cost a ton of horseshoes! Yikes.

  4. PT is getting ridiculous with this sh*t now.  Why give us missions that unlock mystery animals that we have to pay HS for?  Total crap.

  5. They are crazy, a lot of work with mastering and then we have to pay HS????!!!!!!

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