Pioneer Trail – Sheep Mastery Points Secrets!

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Ever wanted to know what each Sheep gives as Mastery Points ?

Don’t look further here you have them all.

Note: All animals have to be Adults , if not they will not drop Mastery Points.

Pioneer Trail Sheep Mastery Points
Sheep Mastery Points

Pioneer Trail Sheep
Sheep, Black Sheep, Grey Sheep, Badrap Sheep, Kissing Sheep, Big Horn Sheep

  • Tend Adult – 1 Mastery Point
  • Tend Adult on Neighbor’s Homestead – 3 Mastery Points
  • Sell Adult – 3 Mastery Points
  • Neigbor Visit Tend – 1 Mastery Point

Mouflon Sheep

  • Tend Adult – 2 Mastery Point
  • Tend Adult on Neighbor’s Homestead – 6 Mastery Points
  • Sell Adult – 6 Mastery Points
  • Neighbor Visit Tend – 2 Mastery Point

Golden Sheep

  • Tend Adult – 5 Mastery Point
  • Tend Adult on Neighbor’s Homestead – 10 Mastery Points
  • Sell Adult – 10 Mastery Points
  • Neighbor Visit Tend – 5 Mastery Points


  • Tend Adult – {unknown}
  • Tend Adult on Neighbor’s Homestead – {unknown}
  • Sell Adult –  {unknown}
  • Neighbor Visit Tend –  {unknown}

Following Sheep do NOT drop Sheep Mastery Points:

White Ram, Pink ram, Black Ram

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Sheep Mastery Badges:

  • Sheep Journeyman, unlocks Mouflon Sheep
  • Sheep Expert, unlocks Golden Sheep
  • Sheep Master, unlocks Ram

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