Pioneer Trail – Strange Message Ingame? Contact Zynga Community Manager ASAP!

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Weird Msg


If you encounter the following dialog box like a visitor (you might need to check fullscreen) as it can be outside the homestead itself.

And it contains the message “body body body this is my message blah blah blah hahaha tend my stuff. don’t be a jerk. I’m the FTV pro Jack creeps me out. 123456″

Contact Zynga Community Manager Stumpgrinder As Soon as Possible!

Following msg has been posted by the CoMa

If you’ve encountered and are still encountering this exact issue, please PM me as soon as possible with your Facebook profile URL.

To contact Zynga’s Community Manager Stumpgrinder about this go here.

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4 Responses

  1. i have that on the top of the game outside of the homestead, i had to go full screen to see it now what do i need to do ? i click on your link (here) and nothing :(

  2. Barb W. says:

    Me too, Stephanie!  How do we get help if we can’t get to them and let them know!!!  GRRRR

  3. Cynrae2002 says:

    Just talked to Zynga an they are aware of this message. They are working to remove it from many players 

  4. MinMT says:

    I tried to contact stumpgrinder it doesnt work

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