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The Big Finale!

To be released Monday July 1, 2013

I’m fixin’ to make a finale that’ll have them seein’ stars till next year! Now, if I could only find where I dropped those Show Stoppers…

Links and more Mission Info available here -> Fireworks Show missions serie.


  • Gather 60 Patriotic Sparkler (drops from Sparkler crops)
  • Assemble one Show Stopper (You’ll find them by clearing debris)
  • Get a red, white, and blue Show Stopper



  • Reward: Boarded Spinner, 2 Patriotic Crates, 3 Rocket Boost

Rocket Boost:

You can do 3 jobs at a time. + it increases your movement speed and gives 3x XP on every task

Each takes 14 Mega Powders


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