Pioneer Trail – The Product Manager for The Pioneer Trail must Think we are All Millionaires!

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Lets hope this is just a typo at Zynga’s end …

If not, I think they should reduce PTs Product Manager Pay Cheque as it seems 2000HS is for him peanuts ….

Granted the needed quest item can drop, but the drop rate is extremely low… and like said 2000HS !!! for a single item seems to be overboard.


The Royal Sceptre is needed to complete the wrapper mission of Jack’s Treasure.

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3 Responses

  1. I know they need to generate income, but this is getting RIDICULOUS.. its a game for crying out loud.. I shouldnt need to spend my real weekly grocery money just to buy fake crops from the fake market to complete quests… getting over it

  2. ginatraversmace says:

    yeah sure hope its a typo otherwise pretty sad, but there is always someone out there that will buy it, so maybe that is why they do it, for those players who dont care and spend massive money on this game, but guess the people who spend massive money make it free for me, who knows

  3. Moving on. Once again more horseshoes stolen. TOS changed in mid stream excuses why they can’t fix the known issues so that it doesn’t continue to happen. Really sad the shape this game has become. I started playing the day it came out. I’m over Level 200. I have never purchased a horseshoe. I worked hard and on more than one occasion almost 200 go on unintended unwanted purchases during LAG. No one listens. No one cares at Zynga. :(

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