Pioneer Trail – What Is Needed For The Bunny Breeding Missions Serie?

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What is needed!

More mission Info and links here.


Summary of What is needed for the missions

  • Mission 1 – Cabbage and/or Wild Nettles & Eggplant
  • Mission 2 – Cabbage and/or Wild Nettles & Fully Grown Oak and Pine Trees
  • Mission 3 – Lilac & Cabbage and/or Wild Nettles
  • Mission 4 – Non Ride-able Horses, Cabbage and/or Wild Nettles
  • Mission 5 – Plushy Rabbits Fully Grown Giant Bunny

Summary of What is needed for the wrappers

  • Wrapper 1 – 50 Carrots, Rare Bunny
  • Wrapper 2 – Judged Giant Bunny, Pygmy Striped & Chocolate Lopper

Summary of What is needed for the building

  • Build 1 – Rocks, Carrots & Fully Grown Pine Trees
  • Build 2 – Rocks, Carrots & Imported Silver Sheep
  • Build 3 – Fully Grown Oak & Birch Trees & Imported Silver Sheep
  • Build 4 – Fully Grown Oak & Birch Trees, Tin Forges & Imported Silver Sheep


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