The Pioneer Trail – Kitten Invasion – Full Text Guide

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Cuddly Kittens

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Mission 1 – Cat-Astro-Tea

  • Place the Cuddly Kitten Coral
  • Harvest 25 Sugar Plums
  • Tame Any Kitten 4 Times

Rewards: 1,000xp, 5 Catnip Crops & 3 Fancy Cat Tails
Reward for Neighbor: Fancy Cat Tails

NOTE: Each Kitten takes 34 Squeekie Feeds crafted as follows:

  • 3   Fake Mice (Drops from Fancy Cat Tails, Corn or Cuddling Kittens)
  • 2   Catnip Oils (Wall Post)

Mission 2 – Cat-A-Tonic

  • Harvest 25 Catnip
  • Tame Any Kitten 15 Times
  • Upgrade the Cuddly Kitten Coral

Rewards: Unlock Fluffy Kitten, Tree of Cats & 5 Squeekies
Reward for Neighbor: Steel Forge

Mission 3 – Cat Whisperer

  • Collect 10 Kitten Flyers (Drops When Harvesting Cat of Trees we received from prior mission)
  • Tame Any Cat 28 Times
  • Upgrade the Cuddly Kitten Coral

Rewards: 2 Catnip Boosts, Yosemite Bobcat & Unique Kitten Unlocked
Reward for Neighbor: Corndog Crop

Mission 4 – Herding Cats

  • Collect 20 Kitty Morsels (Drops When Harvessting Corn Dog Crops)
  • Tame Any Kitten 32 Times
  • Complete the Cuddly Kitten Coral

Rewards: 10,000xp, Questionable Cat & Kitten Coral
Reward for Neighbor: Squeekie

Wrapper Mission – I Love Every Kind of Cat

  • Hug a Short Hair Cat 4 Times
  • Hug a Fluffy Kitten 2 Times
  • Hug a Swimmer Kitten Once

Rewards: 12,000xp, 10 Horseshoes & Cat Master Statue
Reward for Neighbor: Aged Salmon

Wrapper Mission to be released on Tuesday 02/19/13

Kittens of Unusual Size

  • Craft a Cat Master Crate
    • 2 Catmint – (Catnip Crops)
    • 3 Kitty Leash (Wall Post)
  • Open a Cast Master Crate
  • Complete the Cat Master Collection

NOTE: Collection Items Drop When Opening The Master Crates

Rewards: 5,000xp, 3 Mulled Cider Boosts & Rideable Lion (Lion Mount)
Reward for Neighbor: Accelerate Animal Boost

Build One

  • 20 Plum Poles (Drops When Harvesting Plum Trees)
  • 10 Pouncin’ Practice (Drops When Clearing Debris)
  • 8 Shaggy Rugs (Wall Post)
  • 10 Cat Thrones (Requested from Neighbors)
  • 8 Kitty Platforms (Requested from Neighbors)
  • Craft 6 Dangly Toys
    • 12 Little Bells (Drops When Tending Adult Standard Goats)
    • 18 Kite String (Wall Post)

Build Two

  • 20 Kitty Name Tags (Drops When Harvesting Steel Forges)
  • 8 Kitten Ladders (Wall Post)
  • 12 Adorable Bows (Wall Post)
  • 12 Cuddly Photos (Requested from Neighbors)
  • 14 Scratching Posts (Requested from Neighbors)
  • Craft 8 Kitty Beds
    • 48 Apple Crates (Drops When Harvesting Apple Trees)
    • 96 Gritty Sandpaper (Requested from Neighbors)
    • 56 Cuddle Pillows (Wall Post)

Build Three

  • 25 Kitty No (Drops When Harvesting Lemon Trees)
  • 15 Flea Powder (Wall Post)
  • 12 Grooming Shears (Requested from Neighbors)
  • 15 Kitty Slickers (Requested from Neighbors)
  • Craft 12 Cat Fishing Poles
    • 48 Long Feathers (Drops When Tending Adult Standard Geese)
    • 36 Bamboo Poles (Wall Post)
  • Craft 10 Kitty Beds
    • 60 Apple Crates (Drops When Harvesting Apple Trees)
    • 120 Gritty Sandpaper (Requested from Neighbors)
    • 70 Cuddle Pillows (Wall Post)

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5 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    Collect 10 Kitten Flyers (drops from Tree of Cats)

  2. Aki Hsu says:

    Mission 4
    Collect 20 Kitty Morsels (drops from Corndog Crops, free gifts)

  3. what is the build on Kittens of unusual size?

  4. mark says:

    how do u get a swimmer kitten?

  5. cd_j says:

    To get my swimmer kitten- I placed the Unique Kitten at the on the top of the upper right corner of my pond THEN placed my black & white pet dog (the one you had to train) behind/beside it to the right. I didn’t use a partner & still got one.

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