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Want to master the Living Room Neighbor Challenge?  Tired of looking for those few items that seem to elude you each time you get the Living Room map?  Then you’ve come to the right place.   The map below shows you every item that you need to find.

To easily find what you’re looking for:

  •  Simply look down the list and make note of the number in front of the item.
  • Click on the picture to enlarge it (makes it easier for you to spot the number)
  • Find the number on the map and next time you get this puzzle you will be one step closer to mastering it!

Alphabetical List of Available Items:

  1. Basket of Apples
  2. Bicycle
  3. Blue Bird
  4. Bonsai
  5. Bottle
  6. Candle stick
  7. Clock
  8. Compass
  9. Dragon
  10. Electric fan
  11. Flask
  12. Flute
  13. Hand broom
  14. Hand fan
  15. Hat box
  16. Horse wagon
  17. Horseshoe
  18. Ice Pick
  19. Kettle
  20. Lantern
  21. Mirror
  22. Necklace
  23. Oar
  24. Ornate jug
  25. Painting
  26. Phonograph
  27. Pipe
  28. Pitcher & basin
  29. Puzzle piece
  30. Quill
  31. Rifle
  32. Roses
  33. Safety Pin
  34. Spider
  35. Suitcase
  36. Toy boat
  37. Umbrella
  38. Watering can
  39. Wrench

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4 Responses

  1. Dabe says:

    They moved things around in my living room…

  2. Evangel 501 says:

    Where are: beret, dragon, spyglass, flag

  3. Brin Kendall says:

    wooden doll on top of box, scissors in chandelier, vacuum at top of stairs, mug on top of box, VHS tape tucked into the end of the stair railing on right side, Quil on second from the bottom stairs, typewriter on stairs, fire in fireplace, organ in fireplace, baby bottle in arms of knight, fuse box on corner of the wall near stairs near missing plaster, plug-in under mirror, Skipping rope over arm of chair, bandaid on right arm of chair, folded cloth on bottom stair, beret on small doll near right side of box, camera near #10 fan,  Terrier is a picture in front of box, picture of a leaf in front of box, train (toy) near lantern in this picture, flag is a pick flag in front of the box, Archers bow on right side of chair, fountain pen is just in front of box, extension cord is to the left of the box where the lantern is now, the lantern is over further and so is the fan to the left, the portrait is on the mantel on the left, the ice pick has been changed to a pick,  I hope this helps with the differences in this room and the one they are using now.

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