Tut’s Tomb – List of Items – Find Everything!

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Troubled by Tut’s tomb?  Can’t find that sword?  How about the scarab?  Annoying isn’t it?  You know they are there but there is so much gold!  Here are your answers……find every item and amaze your neighbors.

To easily find what you’re looking for:

  • Simply look down the list and make note of the number in front of the item.
  • Click on the picture to enlarge it (makes it easier for you to spot the number)
  • Find the number on the map and next time you get this puzzle you will be one step closer to mastering it!

Alphabetical List of Available Items:

  1. Basket
  2. Beads
  3. Boat
  4. Bone
  5. Bow & arrows
  6. Box
  7. Bracelet
  8. Butterfly
  9. Candle
  10. Cat
  11. Cigar
  12. Coconut
  13. Coin
  14. Column
  15. Comb
  16. Drum
  17. Fan
  18. Flower
  19. Flute
  20. Hat
  21. Hookah
  22. Hourglass
  23. Lamp
  24. Mirror
  25. Moon
  26. Mouse
  27. Nefertiti
  28. Palm
  29. Peacock feather
  30. Pick
  31. Pillow
  32. Pyramid
  33. Revolver
  34. Ring
  35. Rope
  36. Sandal
  37. Scales
  38. Scarab
  39. Scroll
  40. Skull
  41. Snake
  42. Sphinx
  43. Spider
  44. Sun
  45. Sword
  46. Tea Pot
  47. Tree
  48. Triangle
  49. Waves
  50. Wings


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27 Responses

  1. Its_chris_99 says:

    Quil and Striped Cloth are missing

  2. Evangel 501 says:

    Where are:  Ammo Belt, Baby Turtle, Pouch, Bat, Telescope?

  3. John Smith says:

    Blue Orb is missing as well, which can be found on top of king tut’s sarcophagus’s head.
    Scorpion, which is right of the spider, left of the tea pot.
    Red Urn, which is below the cat.
    Quill would be in front of the box.

  4. Bob says:

    Can any tell me where the bat and octopus are on this lvl?

  5. Sue says:

    The bat is opposite the pistol and the octopus is the squiggly thing between the ring and eye of the tomb

  6. Lati says:

    where is the striped clothes pls?

  7. Lati says:

    Sue do u know where the striped cloths are in the tut’s tomb?

  8. Hodge39168 says:

    Striped cloth is on top of the head of the guy standing beside the chair. His headgear is striped.

  9. Hodge39168 says:

    Striped cloth is on top of the head of the guy standing beside the chair. His headgear is striped

  10. Andy says:

    where is the map

  11. Lati says:

    look above on this page and u’ll see the map and most of the listing of things
    did a real dodgy picture so you all can see where other stuff are if u can’t find it in the map above as well 😉
    hope you understand it 😛 sorry for the little kid writing but was a quick job jajaja

  12. Brownie says:

    do you have the link?

  13. Brendaw5555 says:

    where’s the pouch?

  14. Burfieldphoto says:

    the UFO is between 49 & 37
    the stripped cloth is on the guys head to the far right
    the fish is the head on the guy between 14 & 44
    Not shown on this is-
    Bat – will be hanging from the dog statues right hand on the left of the picture
    Boat – that will be on the second row of people on the wall
    Scorpion – In front of the Box
    Octopus – just below Tuts ear
    Ox – a strange looking silver behind the lantern

  15. Burfieldphoto says:

    it will be on the ground next to #4

  16. Burfieldphoto says:

    its on the chairs side between 31 & 5.  (not pictured on here)

  17. Tweets34 says:

    the quil is between  43 and 6 its a red feathered pen  can anyone tell me where the tablet is

  18. Shawndrice1974 says:

    tablet is on tut under sphinx

  19. Burfieldphoto says:

    on top of the guys head to the far right

  20. Carsia says:

    Where is the bracelet, tablet & bandage

  21. itsjustkathy63 says:

    frog and canteeh anyone?

  22. thrask says:

    frog -> above #18 (over the hand)
    canteen -> between #23 and #43

  23. Where is the freaking BAT?  

  24. the boat is a floating item and can also appear above and to the left of item #34 (the ring)

  25. Ronpam says:

    The Tablet is the tan rectangle at the foot of the sarcophagus.

  26. kate says:

    If you go to the actual scene, the boat is not where it’s on the diagram ..but only a scarab…so where is the boat? And where is the frog?

  27. Please update this page with the correct scene. The one you are showing here is from the beta, and as numerous people mentioned below, it is lacking several items, and some items were moved.

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