Zynga’s YoVille Hacked! Hacker releases tons of Unreleased Items for Free!

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Zynga’s YoVille was hacked!

YoVille players logging into the game were mystified to find several unreleased clothing and handheld items in their inventories.

Wearables included the Lime Green Jeans, Duty Belt, Menorah, and Gold Bow to name just a few.

But what started out as ‘Christmas’ in YoVille soon turned into something more worrying as posts appeared, claiming that the game had been hacked. Eventually a forum member came forth and claimed to be behind the hacking. He said that he had introduced the items into the game so that everyone could have the expensive unreleased items. (His post has now been removed.)

By this time, thread upon thread filled the front page of the Discussions forum, some in support of the person’s actions and some concerned about their accounts getting hacked. However, it would appear that the game coding had been altered, allowing the items to be given, and that individual player accounts had not been compromised.

After several hours, Zynga was able to fix things and the ‘fake’ items were removed from accounts, though it would appear that those avatars wearing the items will continue to do so until the player changes clothing.

The Zynga Community Specialist for YoVille made the following announcement:

Item Related Incident 4/22/2013
Fellow YoVillians,

As most of you already know, we recently had an item related incident in the game that we all love playing, YoVille. We are glad to inform you that we have investigated into this issue and fixed it.

We want to reassure that our team is committed to provide safe and fun environment for all of our players and is constantly monitoring the systems for any unusual activity.

YoVille’s 5th anniversary is around the corner and we are looking forward to delight you all with more amazing content on May, 8th 2013 and beyond!

Thanking you for your continued support of YoVille.

-YoVille Team

You can read and reply to the above announcement at the official Zynga Forums here.

What do you think about this security breach in YoVille? Are you concerned about what happened to YoVille? Could this happen to other Zynga Games?

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  1. Dave Salton says:

    And YoVille has hhad yes another attack that has all but had the game shut down for the pass month

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